Communication strategy during disaster


Looking for recommendations on portable communication options during a disaster. 

Scenario – a disaster strikes while I’m at work (about 36 miles from my house).  Could be EMP / solar flare, terrorist attack, we all have our own list of scenarios.  Let’s say cell phones don’t work (EMP, etc) or let’s say cellular phone calls won’t go through because everybody is trying to make phone calls (this happened on 9/11).  

I want to be able to communicate with my husband, who works from home, with a portable communication option that won’t be affected by an EMP / solar flare and isn’t a cell phone.

What would you recommend?  I haven’t had much luck finding a walkie-talkie option that I feel could reliable transmit across a 40ish mile distance – I live and work in a very hilly / mountain area in northern New England.

I figured I would ask this community before buying something and having to bother with multiple returns!


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