DIY mask meta-guide: the best online resources for making masks for yourself & others

Protective masks are a hot commodity, so hot that not even healthcare workers can get their hands on them right now. That shortage has compelled many people to figure out how to make their own, both for their own personal use and to donate to hospitals. Here’s what you need to know: Even a piece

New study: travel bans can help in a pandemic, but the timing has to be right

Americans who are abroad and might wish to come back to the United States need to book their flights “immediately.” That’s the direction from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “We do not know how long the commercial flights in your countries may continue to operate,” Pompeo said at a press briefing on Tuesday. This is

COVID-19: key developments for Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Over 76,000 cases were added to the globe in the last 24 hours.  We’ll have more than a million cumulative cases by tomorrow. There have been almost 50,000 deaths globally. It’s been apparent that China’s case numbers were off—potentially by an order of magnitude. China states it will now include positive, asymptomatic cases. US intelligence

Can you catch COVID-19 through your plumbing system?

Stay six feet apart. Practice excellent hygiene. Stay home. We’re all aware of the basic measures for preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. But are there means of transmission we haven’t considered yet, like through the water or sewage pipes in a house or apartment building? According to the Center for Disease Control, analysis

Thinking ahead: a possible medium-term scenario for COVID-19

COVID-19 has gone big and gone global. Right now, the deadly and chaotic situation first seen in Hubei province, China in February has emerged in hotspots around the globe, including Iran, Italy, Spain, France, and New York City and its surrounds. Significant clusters are emerging in most countries around the globe and most US states.

COVID-19: key developments for Thursday, March 26, 2020

The US now has the most cases in the world: 81,846.  Over 50,000 cases were added to the global total overnight. Worldwide cases surpass 500,000. MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Now Officially Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic — Seth Abramson (@🏠) (@SethAbramson) March 26, 2020 Close to 150 nursing homes in the US are impacted by

Hands dry from too much washing? Here’s how to make your own moisturizer

Americans across the country are washing their hands more to prevent the spread of COVID-19: in fact, it’s the #1 recommendation from the United States CDC and World Health Organization for preventing the disease’s spread. While that’s a huge relief, there is one downside to all those soapy suds: skin irritation and dryness. Alcohol, the

Spikes in internet service troubles on March 26, 2020

Internet outages & slowdowns are hitting the US. Here’s what you need to know

If you’re having a hard time using your favorite websites today, you’re not alone. After I struggled to access Google Documents this morning, a representative from Google contacted me on Twitter to confirm that there was a service disruption. Shortly after, Twitter was flooded with complaints about Gmail and YouTube both being unavailable. I also

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