COVID-19: key developments for Thursday, March 26, 2020

The US now has the most cases in the world: 81,846.  Over 50,000 cases were added to the global total overnight. Worldwide cases surpass 500,000. MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Now Officially Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic — Seth Abramson (@🏠) (@SethAbramson) March 26, 2020 Close to 150 nursing homes in the US are impacted by

Hands dry from too much washing? Here’s how to make your own moisturizer

Americans across the country are washing their hands more to prevent the spread of COVID-19: in fact, it’s the #1 recommendation from the United States CDC and World Health Organization for preventing the disease’s spread. While that’s a huge relief, there is one downside to all those soapy suds: skin irritation and dryness. Alcohol, the

Spikes in internet service troubles on March 26, 2020

Internet outages & slowdowns are hitting the US. Here’s what you need to know

If you’re having a hard time using your favorite websites today, you’re not alone. After I struggled to access Google Documents this morning, a representative from Google contacted me on Twitter to confirm that there was a service disruption. Shortly after, Twitter was flooded with complaints about Gmail and YouTube both being unavailable. I also

Here’s why some preppers are still dismissing COVID-19 as “media hype”

Glenn Beck, a longtime purveyor of survival food and precious metals to the prepper crowd, is urging his older followers to get back to work. Another preparedness-minded connection of mine, a prominent member of the firearm community, has been openly skeptical of the COVID-19 “hysteria” and recently warned those of us who follow him on

COVID-19: key developments for Tuesday, March 24, 2020

In one week we have gone from ~200,000 cases to over 420,000 cases around the world.  Italy has nearly 70,000 cases and the US has over 50,000. The US is leading in growth of cases per day (around 10,000), although this likely reflects increased testing capabilities and backlog catch-up. Disturbing conversations are taking place: do

Pantry recipes: canned pear cobbler

The pantry recipe series is designed to help you use up your pantry preps with as much versatility and as little waste as possible. Ample substitution recommendations and other helpful tips are provided. New recipes are added weekly.  It’s not quite a crumble and it’s not quite an upside-down cake. It’s somewhere in the middle

Chloroquine shows promise against COVID-19. Quinine? Not so much

The recent commotion over chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as possible therapies for COVID-19 has led some to mistakenly believe that quinine has all the same therapeutic properties and to suggest that people fight the virus with stock quinine. This is wrong; despite a related historic origin and names that sound similar to some, these are very

Board games can keep you sane during quarantine. Here’s how to find games you’ll like

I love to fondle the big, heavy board game boxes at my local game shop, and to look over the shoulders of the gamers as they play on those tables in the back. I like miniatures and maps, rules and stats, and all the role-playing and board-gaming things… but I’m not a board gamer. It’s

How to disinfect packages from COVID-19

If you’re one of the tens of millions of Americans under home quarantine, then you’ve probably turned to online retail for making purchases of everything from basic food staples to home-school supplies. But evidence is increasingly pointing toward the possibility that coronavirus spreads more via contact with contaminated surfaces than it does through the air,

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