How to shop for preps without going over-budget or buying fantasy gear

Doomshopping — a vicious cycle of doomscrolling, fear-fueled impulse buying (of preps and supplies), guilt at overspending, and then back around to doomscrolling to justify the purchases and silence the guilt. So may Americans are doing it right now in the run-up to the November election, and in a previous post I suggested some ways

Doomshopping: How to stop overspending because you’re freaked out about the election

Election-related fears have trapped way too many Americans in the doomshopping loop — late-night doomscrolling, then shopping, purchasing, a quick dopamine hit, followed by a crash into guilt and helplessness, then back around to doomscrolling to pull out of the crash. It’s as if November 3rd is some kind of deadline for having all your

Prime Day 2020 Prepper Deals

Today (and tomorrow) is Prime Day on Amazon, in which they offer some good deals on various items to Amazon Prime members. We’ve searched all day for prepping deals that: Aren’t junk Aren’t lightning deals that will expire seconds after we share them with you Without further ado, here are some of the best Prime

Surprise! The dry beans you stockpiled are a pain to cook. Use these tips, tricks, & best practices

The spike in Google searches for “dry beans” in mid-March confirms what we all saw when we went to the grocery stores to stock up at the start of the lockdowns: dried beans were among the first staples to sell out in the initial COVID buying panic, and among the last to restock when things

Preppers plan to scrub social media profiles post-election, but they may be kidding themselves

As the election draws closer, the outcome seems increasingly less certain. Will there be a peaceful transfer of power, or will chaos erupt as one or both major party candidates refuse to accept the results? Many people on each side of the country’s partisan divide are worried about some form of blowback or retaliation —

The first video course is live: Learn how to take care of your blades

We recently launched our first premium video course: knife sharpening and blade care for survival. It’s 5 hours of quality content for the price of a movie ticket, with a money-back guarantee, lifetime access, and free upgrades (when released in the future). Think of it as equivalent-or-better to what you’d get at an in-person weekend

NOAA: 2020 already has a record number of $1 billion disasters, and it’s not over

As if you needed another reason to always have a go-bag constantly at the ready, a new NOAA report brings word that 2020 has already hit the previous annual record of 16 disasters that cost $1 billion or more — and there’s still a whole quarter left to go. In 2020 (as of October 7),

Even if a COVID-19 vaccine were approved tomorrow, “normal” is still a long way off

For months now, Americans have waited anxiously for the first wave of coronavirus vaccines to be approved in the US. Most of us are watching the FDA’s vaccine approval timeline because we take that approval to be the critical first step in answering the number one question on everyone’s mind: when will life get back