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New guides in our field knife series

We just published five new posts about field knives — the main fixed blade knife everyone should have as part of their basic preps. Which, combined with our recent review of the best survival knives, completes the basic set of info needed for most people: Learn how to sharpen and care for your field knife,

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How to track the California wildfires and smoke in real time

California camp fire paradise wildfire 2018

A few readers asked us to share the list of resources our staff has been using to keep abreast of the on-going 2018 California wildfires and smoke — namely the Camp fire, now the worst in California’s history, and the Woolsey fire. This list isn’t intended to be exhaustive, and we welcome suggestions in the

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2018 holiday gift guide for preppers

We’re obsessed with finding the leanest, most realistic ways for you to become better prepared. That usually means we stay practical and avoid the shiny, addictive gear porn so common in this market. But the holidays are a time to have fun and release your inner gear nerd. It’s a great excuse to buy a

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How I became a (sane) prepper & joined The Prepared

Doomsday prepping for less crazy folk

I first came across The Prepared when I was exploring the idea of launching my own site dedicated to sane preparedness for normal people. Here was exactly the site that I had been wanting to dedicate the next few years of my life to, and it had already been in existence for a year and

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Donating a portion of all sales to protect the environment

Preppers environment climate change

The common stereotype that preppers are selfish, lone wolf hoarders who have given up on the world is just plain false. Some preppers even go as far as to say the reason they prep is to be able to help others. From our blog post covering the top motivations among liberal preppers, a leader from

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Should you be worried about North Korea? I went there to find out

Prepping for north korea survival

This isn’t exactly the kind of content we like to publish at The Prepared — too many prepper websites fill the space with constant doom porn designed to scare you. The fascist plague zombies are coming at any minute… run! But I’m guessing I’m the only prepper with a website who’s not only been inside

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Five reasons why liberals are prepping

Liberal preppers - five reasons why liberals should be preppers

Prepping is only for conservative, rural, gun-toting survivalists, right? Think John Goodman in the movie Cloverfield Lane, with an underground bunker stocked with freeze-dried food, a ventilation system, and a huge metal door to keep out both kinds of aliens. Everyone knows that liberals are weak and hate violence, and only exist so that strong,

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