How old are UD dams

News roundup for Tue, Jun 1, 2021

Russian hackers exploited the USAID Microsoft email system—the same folks behind the recent SolarWinds hack. Welcome to the new world of near constant hacking exploits. Speaking of… a major global meat supplier has been hacked.  Factories have been shuttered in multiple locations around the globe, and some facilities and worker shifts in US plants may

Home Depot workers sheltering in place

FEMA issues new shelter-in-place booklet for a range of situations

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently published a pamphlet offering shelter-in-place advice for several preparedness scenarios: active shooters, chemical hazards, earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, nuclear events, pandemics, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms. They also offer tips for different dwellings, like individual homes, mobile homes, and apartment buildings. It’s written for a broad and very-unprepared audience,

How much topsoil are we losing

News roundup for Fri, May 28, 2021

Biden plans to double emergency spending to help with natural disasters. The Administration also plans to work with NASA to help forecast extreme weather events and climate change impacts more granularly. The Administration hopes that spending and planning more proactively will ultimately help cut the costs of after-the-fact disaster response. There’s been a large volcanic

Is it illegal to collect rainwater

News roundup for Tue, May 25, 2021

Drought conditions in the Western US are still severe, more severe than they’ve been in quite a while, and we’re keeping ears to the rail on impacts on water sources—things aren’t sounding too good. The Western US can be quickly repleted by atmospheric rivers of rain, but there aren’t any on the immediate horizon: Ammunition

Can the police confiscate your gun without a warrant

News roundup for Fri, May 21, 2021

The Supreme Court says law enforcement may not enter your home and confiscate your guns without a warrant. The semiconductor shortage continues to “chip” away at the automotive industry. Forgive the pun. I couldn’t resist: More concerningly, farm equipment manufacturers are also feeling the chip squeeze. Farmers are subsequently having trouble getting the equipment they

Big Berkey review unboxing picture

Review: I used the Big Berkey water filter every day for the last year and now I can’t go back

One of the ultimate goals of any prepper is to find preps that integrate seamlessly into daily life. It’s one thing to buy a product, put it on a shelf, and wait until a major emergency. But the real magic is when you get value in daily life and an emergency without missing a beat

Corporate demand is stressing global supply chains

News roundup for Tue, May 18, 2021

Demands are up, supplies are down, shortages are everywhere, and the US economy is revving fast. We’re hoping for transient inflation, here. The imbalance between supply, demand, and rising prices is putting pressure on businesses. Some business owners find themselves panic buying business supplies–it’s not just individuals panic-buying anymore. Companies are doing it to fulfill

Cows on a farm

These proposed anti-farming laws will make self-reliance much harder (and food more expensive)

We can thank the factory farming system for the plethora of food available on grocery store shelves, but its downsides are now well documented: animal cruelty, carbon emissions, contaminated food, and topsoil erosion, among others. Unfortunately, there’s a number of anti-farming proposals that are well-intended — who doesn’t want to reduce animal abuse or cut

News roundup for Fri, May 14, 2021

Operation has been restored to most of the Colonial gas pipeline, but hundreds to thousands of gas stations are still out of gas in the 17 states that rely on the pipeline. Colonial Pipeline ultimately paid $5 million in ransom to regain control of their systems. In a bizarre twist, the hackers claim they didn’t

Details and preps for the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack and gas shortages

Another day, another cyber attack. This attack shut down one of the major fuel pipelines in the United States, with hackers holding it for ransom, sparking panic buying and gasoline shortages throughout the southeast. This comes on the heels of another recent attack in the US southeast where hackers cranked up levels of the fatal

News roundup for Tue, May 11, 2021

There’s been a large ransomware attack on the Colonial gas pipeline that runs from Texas to New Jersey–one of the largest gas pipelines in the US. People from multiple states are reporting gas shortages at the pump. The cyber-attack is extremely serious and is preventing use of the pipeline. President Biden has declared an emergency

News roundup for Fri, May 7, 2021

A Federal Judge has vacated the eviction moratorium. The DOJ is planning to appeal the ruling: BREAKING: Federal judge vacates the CDC's temporary nationwide ban on evictions. Ruling comes as landlords seek to throw tens of thousands of cash-strapped renters from their homes amid the pandemic — John Kruzel (@johnkruzel) May 5, 2021 Montana

COVID-19 vaccine

Antivaxxers won’t stop US herd immunity, but vaccine hesitancy might. Here’s the science

Whether the United States will attain herd immunity against COVID-19 is a hot-button issue right now. Vaccine administration in the United States has fallen by almost 30%, from a peak of about 3.5 million doses a day to about 2.5 million, largely due to flagging demand. The New York Times surveyed experts and found a