Drinking your own pee for survival: does the science bear it out?

If you’ve been on the internet for a minute, you’ve no doubt seen the famous Bear Grylls meme. But long before the British Army SAS veteran guzzled his way to meme glory in a now-infamous episode of his “reality” TV survival show, drinking your own pee was a classic metonym for desperation in prepper/survivalist folklore.

Here’s why you’re not excited enough about Pfizer’s COVID vaccine

Monday morning brought the sweet, sweet news that Pfizer’s RNA-based COVID-19 vaccine has turned out to be extremely effective in its Phase 3 trial. While the news itself has been all over social media and has resulted in an instant 5% jump in the stock market, much of the press coverage has actually been not

Turtleback Expedition review

Overland camping trailers for bug outs? Review of the Turtleback Expedition

I’ve spent the last few months testing the Turtleback Expedition trailer after buying it new in the summer of 2020. Besides reviewing just this specific Turtleback trailer for our daily-life offroading and camping adventures, we also used it as a general proxy to test whether this category of RV makes sense for prepping. We’ve logged

Prep Hacks: outdoor solar lights make great backup lighting for emergencies

When it’s dark and the power goes out, you hopefully have some flashlights or lanterns handy (or at least a smartphone, which usually has a flashlight built-in). But what if you need more light sources than you have in your emergency kit? Or, what if you’re like one of our editors in a recent outage,

Last-minute election day food preps: here’s what to get, and how to cook or store it

We’re seeing a big increase in traffic to our food-related content, and hearing reports of low stocks in grocery stores in different places. All of this points to one thing: Americans are running out and doing a bunch of last minute food shopping in advance of what may be a contentious election day. There’s also

A burning car

Media & experts press the panic button over election violence, but sane preppers hold steady

We don’t know what will happen next week with the election, and we’re not about to make any big predictions. But everyone else is certainly making predictions — mainstream media outlets are openly speculating about Civil War 2.0, businesses are preparing for massive unrest, and citizens are arming up. We’ve been tracking all of these

Review: the Meadow Creature “People’s Broadfork” makes off-grid gardening easier

Let’s say things have hit the fan and you dust off the seed vault you tucked away in the back of your pantry. Assuming your seeds haven’t gone bad, how would you dig a garden bed to plant them? Fire up a tractor or tiller? What if you couldn’t get gas? The traditional way to