2019 Amazon Prime Day deals

We’re refreshing our computers all day Monday and Tuesday (July 15-16, 2019) to track the best Amazon Prime Day deals that might be relevant to preppers. Walmart and eBay are also running some “we exist too!” deals that we’ll keep an eye on. This post will be constantly updated as new deals go live, including

Russian roulette with the sun: An interview with John Kappenman

As part of our research for the guide to understanding electromagnetic pulse threats (a great place to start if you’re new to EMPs), I had the chance to interview John Kappenman, a notable expert from the think tank Metatech. I discovered Kappenman’s work pretty quickly because his models are cited in multiple government reports and form

Liberal preppers - five reasons why liberals should be preppers

Five reasons why liberals are prepping

Prepping is only for conservative, rural, gun-toting survivalists, right? Think John Goodman in the movie Cloverfield Lane, with an underground bunker stocked with freeze-dried food, a ventilation system, and a huge metal door to keep out both kinds of aliens. Everyone knows that liberals are weak and hate violence, and only exist so that strong,

Introducing The Prepared: Why we exist and how we’ll help you get ready for anything

Hello world! We are The Prepared, and this is our humble introduction about how we’re making emergency preparedness better and easier for everyone. The Prepared is a list of the best gear, skills, and plans for people who want to get prepared for emergencies quickly and correctly. We are experts who obsess about the details