Introducing The Prepared: Why we exist and how we’ll help you get ready for anything

Hello world! We are The Prepared, and this is our humble introduction about how we’re making emergency preparedness better and easier for everyone.

The Prepared is a list of the best gear, skills, and plans for people who want to get prepared for emergencies quickly and correctly. We are experts who obsess about the details and only make well researched, well tested recommendations that are free of any bias or stigma. We analyze our recommendations to the point of obsession so that you don’t have to — after all, getting it right might save your life.

The Prepared is a modern, different kind of prepper website. You won’t find lewd advertisements, name calling, politically charged commentary and propaganda, endless lists of worthless content someone cranked out in a hurry, or info so wrong and hard to digest it makes you less prepared than before.

If you agree with our mission, please join us!

We spend a lot of time crafting each post, so we don’t put out new content every day and spam your newsfeed. This site is for you and we want to hear from you, so share any ideas you have.

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We believe everyone has the right and responsibility to get prepared

Looking back over 2007-2017, prepping (and its websites, communities, and even TV shows) was mainly an interest of the right wing and rural communities — people who were alarmed by the crash of 2008 and who disagreed with the politics that followed it. Which is fine, and they did a great job of maturing this important community. Thank you, to those who’ve taken us this far.

But now prepping has gone mainstream. People of all types — young and old, urban and rural, lone wolfs and families, liberals and conservatives — are realizing that being self sufficient and ready for emergencies is the only responsible way to live in our ever changing world.

We love prepping and have been active for an average of 10 years per person

Our team has spent literally thousands of hours (and probably too much money) getting personally prepared. We’re active in our local communities and teach people skills like firearms, indoor gardening and canning, field medicine, outdoor survival, and more.

Our experts already include amazing people like instructors from the US military’s survival training program, instructors at major urban fire and rescue departments, and former advisors to the Department of Defense and White House on emergency and field technology.

The Prepared is dedicated to a rational, accurate, easy, and fun approach to prepping for everyone

Unfortunately there’s a TON of wrong and poorly put together information in prepper land. It’s been too hard to parse through all the conflicting info about how to get prepared, what to buy, how things work, what skills to develop, what to prepare for, and on and on.

Which has made it far too hard, far too costly, and far too time consuming for most people to get involved.

For example, if you’re thinking about buying your first and only firearm for self / home defense, after some quick googling you’ll be weeding through endless and pointless internet debates about what caliber has more “stopping power” and whether a pump action shotgun is good because the “click clack” noise will scare away intruders (hint: nope!)

We believe in great, well researched content that is accurate, easy to digest, and trustworthy. The content we’re building for you is meticulously created after many hours of research, field testing, and speaking with relevant experts and emergency survivors.

You’ll see the real names and faces of our authors and experts. We stand behind our recommendations and promise to always do or promote what is best, not what is easy or makes us the most money.

Ready to get started? Check out our prepping basics for beginners.


    • John RameyStaff

      Thanks pops! Well said. I know a few preppers like you who’ve been around the community for a long time, but who pulled back over the last decade when it got politically silly and are only just now reemerging.

      3 |
    • JJ

      Love the site great info. What are your thoughts on taking a survival skills course? Is it worth the money etc?

      6 |
      • John RameyStaff JJ

        So glad you like it, thanks for saying so JJ!

        Courses are really hit or miss. Some are very worth it, and we think the good ones are an important part of prepping because you *have* to practice with your gear and knowledge, otherwise you’re not actually prepared. Classes can really help you practice, just like yoga classes tend to work better than doing yoga by yourself at home.

        To weed out the junky ones, look for things like a clearly stated curriculum or goal, instructors with a clearly stated bio, instructors with authority (like our own Jessie Krebs, a military SERE instructor who runs a survival school), etc. If it smells bad, listen to your gut.

        2 |
      • JJ John Ramey

        Are there any you would recommend?

        5 |
      • John RameyStaff JJ

        It’s going to be a while until we can publish an article covering the best courses around the country. So it’s hard to say for you. But some leads to get you started:…

        5 |
      • JJ John Ramey

        Thank you for the direction

        2 |
      • Cordero_Negro JJ

        My wife and I attended our local CERT class and found it very useful. It’s all about what to do in emergencies, though it focuses more on how to help rather than just survive. That said there’s a lot of good stuff like basic first aid and such.

        3 |
      • John RameyStaff Cordero_Negro

        Glad you enjoyed CERT! We wrote about it here:…

        5 |
      • Cordero_Negro John Ramey

        I just read that article and I’m gonna start sharing it with people as it covers all the reasons I liked cert.

        5 |