What do you think about a modular bug out bag?

I’m trying to create the perfect system for a bug out bag and was wanting some advice. So tear this apart and let me know what you think. Am I onto something here? Or is there something I’m overlooking that will get me killed?

The Problem:

Current bug out bag recommendations from places I’ve seen tend to lean a bit to the ‘bug out to the woods’ side of things. But I’m thinking that if a hurricane is coming my way, I am more likely to bug out to a hotel in a neighboring city. But then I don’t want to only have a bug out bag set up for hotel living and if a different disaster comes where I do need to bug out to the woods, then I don’t want to have to be rearranging my entire bag to be able to survive that way.

My crazy hair-brained scheme:

I’m thinking about creating a modular bug out bag system. I’ll have my main pack with essentials like toiletries, map, water filtration, and more. But then I’ll have different modules next to it that I can quickly add to my main pack according to the disaster I’m bugging out to. For example, lets say I’m bugging out to a hotel and the weather is on the colder side of the year. I would then grab my hotel module and my cold weather module and stick it in the bag and go.

These modules can be color coded and/or labeled with big pictures of what they are used for and be something simple like a gallon waterproof plastic bag or a small case.

Why this might work:

I know that time is of the essence, but I don’t think that an additional minute of grabbing a module, putting it in the bag, and zipping the bag shut will be that critical. And with this design, I won’t be carrying unnecessary things that I don’t need and have the perfect load out for my situation. I’m not going to be carrying around fire starting and cooking stuff if I’m bugging out to a hotel, or carrying USB cables and other plushy things that would be useless in a camping scenario. 


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