Best/lightest body armor & carrier

Suggestions based on personal experience? I found this article https://theprepared.com/self-defense/reviews/best-bulletproof-body-armor/ but some of the links are broken. For context, I’m a relatively small woman with a physical disability so I’d prefer to carry as little weight as possible while being as safe as possible (yeah I know there’s a tradeoff). And for more context, I’m planning to participate in street actions this fall/winter and am worried about shooters. So bonus points for helmet recs, too! Otherwise I’m going out there in my bike helmet. Thanks!


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      Found this article about helmets: http://cwc.im/helmets

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      I’m not in the market for armor myself, but I remember finding this option on the Safeguard site


      I get the impression that it’s more focused on fit than weight so I’m not sure if that helps at all.

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      For the big and tall people, finding an ideal plate carrier is important. It must not only fit you comfortably, but it must also have the body coverage you require. Having enough girth to accommodate these attachments, many big hunters look for plate carriers by MGFLASHFORCE, HSGI Wasatch, and OneTigris. A vest with a combination of both pouches and pockets will be highly recommended.

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