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CDC to screen travelers at three major US airports for deadly new virus

We’ve had our eye on a brand new, previously-unknown-to-medicine respiratory virus since we put it in our news roundup on Monday. The situation has evolved quite a bit since then, so here are the latest developments:

  • The disease, a coronavirus that is spread through the air, is being called Wuhan Pneumonia, after the area of China where it was first detected. The official designation is 2019-nCov
  • The virus has killed two and sickened over fifty
  • There have been three cases detected outside China — two in Thailand and one in Japan. Two suspected cases have cropped up in Singapore.
  • The CDC has set up screening checkpoints at three major US airports, where they’ll be taking the temperatures of travelers from Wuhan, China. (This happened with the SARS epidemic, too.)
  • A brand new analysis of the outbreak suggests there may be over 1,000 infections at this point
  • Substantial human-to-human transmission “cannot be ruled out”
  • German scientists have already developed a quick, accurate test kit for the virus

Here is a timeline of the outbreak, so far:

No reason to worry yet, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on it. If you don’t have your flu-related preps ready — at the very least a respirator and plenty of hand sanitizer — now is the time. And by “now” I mean, “immediately,” because this situation could evolve pretty rapidly, and by the time everyone realizes they need an N95 mask, they’ll all be gone.

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