Healthcare worker injecting a man with a vaccine

Full approval of the Pfizer vaccine will legalize off-label dosing for kids, boosters

Update, 08/23/2021, 3 PM Eastern: In the hours since the publication of this piece, both the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics have come out strongly against off-label dosing of children below 12 years old with the Pfizer vaccine.  Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock described it as a matter of “great concern.”  The AAP’s

Case numbers

COVID-19 and the Delta variant: what you need to know in August 2021

Like many of you, we’ve been enjoying a summer with small slices of normality. But, as we predicted, things are quickly getting worse again — some areas are already at the worst levels they’ve been in the entire pandemic — as the Delta variant and bad actors within our society continue to do damage. This

Key developments for Friday, January 1, 2021

The massive US cyber breach may have started long before last spring. Russia still denies involvement. Wichita, Kansas had a little temblor. It was enough to knock some stuff off shelves, but not enough to damage structures. Although it’s a small earthquake, comparatively, it’s worth mentioning because in preparing a household for an earthquake, you’ll

Here’s why you’re not excited enough about Pfizer’s COVID vaccine

Monday morning brought the sweet, sweet news that Pfizer’s RNA-based COVID-19 vaccine has turned out to be extremely effective in its Phase 3 trial. While the news itself has been all over social media and has resulted in an instant 5% jump in the stock market, much of the press coverage has actually been not