COVID-19 reinfection is possible, but we don’t know how common it is

Margit Burmeister and Ari Allyn-Feuer both contributed to this report:  If you’ve suffered from COVID-19 and were hoping to get an immunity passport proving you can’t get the virus or spread it ever again, it’s been a bad week for you. This week brought strong clinical evidence that it’s possible for the same person to

America’s COVID-19 time warp: April’s outbreak with February’s attitude

It’s mid-July, but if you’re tracking COVID cases, it might feel like we’re back in April. Worse, the official response resembles the COVID denial we saw back in February. We’re caught in a COVID time warp. All the horror of April is happening again, now. After preventing the outbreak from going Level 5 in the

Cornell’s reopening experiment: the future of playgroups around the country?

This fall, Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, will reopen. Yes, students will be wearing masks, and yes, there will be social distancing and lots of rules about physical contact, but students will be on campus. How could that be, when Harvard is moving most of its classes online and only bringing 40% of students back

It’s not just you: what’s going on with product shortages & what could be next

If there’s one or two products you’ve been trying to get your hands on, but they’re either always out-of-stock or going for sky-high markups, know this: it’s not just you. It’s also not just some random thing you’re trying to get your hands on. The global supply chain is broken (still). From air conditioners to

Thinking about home-schooling this fall? The time to prepare is now

Thinking about home-schooling in the fall for the very first time? You’re not alone—so many families have been trying to sign up for home school in North Carolina that the website crashed. COVID-19 cases are still rising, and reopening schools sounds riskier every day. But first you have to figure out how to teach your

But is it safe? The parent’s guide to back-to-school decisions

This is the first blog post of many we’re working on about back-to-school in the COVID-19 era. On staff at The Prepared, we have former and current educators, homeschooling parents, and future homeschoolers.  It’s summer! And we’re all tucked away inside (most of us on this website, at least). Whomp, whomp. Now, as SARS-CoV-2 cases

Far-UV-C light may kill coronavirus on surfaces without hurting people

We’ve talked before about the pros and cons of using UV-C light for disinfecting packages and other surfaces that might be contaminated by COVID-19. The major downside of UV-C: it’s a hazard to humans. So that basically makes us say ‘no thanks.’ But a new study published in Nature explores the possibility of using far-UV-C light to