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Key developments for Tuesday, October 6, 2020

There are over 36 million global cases.  Global cases continue to accelerate. There have been over 1 million deaths. There are over 7.7 million cases in the US. There have been over 215,000 deaths in the US. Nearly 700 have died in the US since yesterday. Cases are on an upswing in the US again, with the US gaining nearly 40,000 in the last 24 hours. India gained over 72,000 new cases in the last 24 hours and has over 6.7 million cases.

If you haven’t already heard the news, President Trump, his wife, and a whole host of others who attended the SCOTUS event last week contracted COVID. Because he was significantly symptomatic right after testing results, Trump was medevac’d out in Marine One and treated briefly at Walter Reed, where he received Remdesivir, experimental monoclonal antibodies, dexamethasone, and supplemental oxygen. He returned to the White House after a few days, and clearly before his hospital treatment was concluded. He is presumably continuing his treatment in the White House.

At least 12 others from the SCOTUS event have tested positive to date. Chris Christie has also been hospitalized:

There’s also a massive (triple digit) outbreak among Capitol Hill workers:

In more extremely concerning news, Several Joint Chiefs of Staff are also quarantining:

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett already had COVID this summer.

Hot Pockets may be in short supply due to supply chain issues. As if 2020 wasn’t horrible enough:

Here’s a fantastic resource for educating yourself and protecting yourself from the aerosol spread of COVID. You’ll want to click the Google doc link. It’s lengthy but worth the read. It dispels a number of myths and is rich with analysis and citations.

Food rationing in China is the kind of signpost news all reasonably prepared people take seriously. It’s not outside the bounds of possibility that hunger beyond what we are currently experiencing is coming our way. Between this news and the anticipation of a possible severe COVID rebound over the winter, it might be wise to inventory your pantry once again.

Hundreds of schools and businesses have closed again in NY because of rising cases:

Another signpost issue I’m keeping my eyes on is the vaccine distribution network. Having this network in place and functioning smoothly is critical to an efficient vaccination program:

The CDC once again acknowledges aerosol spread and the risk for spread beyond 6 feet.

The White House is forcing the FDA to lower its vaccine safety standards.

Stimulus talks have failed once again. Here’s what’s at stake:


    • FPV California

      Thanks Stephanie!

      Keep us posted on the food rationing in China.

      6 |
    • woodrow

      Informal limiting by big-chain groceries and others is already in place.  No more than 2 packages of chicken allowed, etc..  There are workarounds and if you are trying to build up a supply you can still do that with multiple trips to the store.  But I guess real rationing, i.e. with coupons, would prevent that.  I suppose that mechanized agriculture is still functioning well, but food production that depends on hands-on harvesting by migrant workers?  I’m guessing that has been disrupted this year, with results that may not show up until later. Distribution is imperfect at the moment. In Georgia, lettuce is old when it hits the shelves. 

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