The first video course is live: Learn how to take care of your blades

We recently launched our first premium video course: knife sharpening and blade care for survival. It’s 5 hours of quality content for the price of a movie ticket, with a money-back guarantee, lifetime access, and free upgrades (when released in the future).

Think of it as equivalent-or-better to what you’d get at an in-person weekend course, but taught by a knife expert who’s also a modern prepper.

90-second trailer:

There’s a few other blade sharpening videos on the web, but none of them were appropriate for normal people who just wanted to learn the basics for keeping their blades sharp today + what to do in an emergency.

For example, not only does the course teach you how to use the kind of strops, stones, pull-throughs, and other sharpening gear recommended for prepping across a wide range of tools like field knives and axes, but we teach you how to improvise with random materials you’ll find in an emergency — such as cardboard and toothpaste, mousepad and sandpaper, or just plain ol’ jeans.

Demo using cardboard and toothpaste

Buying a course is a great way to support the community — money from sold courses goes directly into making more courses and improving existing ones!

Check out the knife sharpening video course for preppers

More courses coming soon

COVID really threw a wrench in everything, including this first course (we had to change almost everything planned to accommodate the shut downs.)

The next course is about water essentials, and we’re starting filming this month. It covers everything from storage, using common gear like filters and purifiers, how to find water outside your home, and how to improvise with random stuff for treating wild water.

After that, we’re filming courses for wilderness first aid, fire craft, and shelter building.