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Practical skills for regular people

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The best path to becoming a self-reliant survivor

Do you know how to navigate without GPS? Find, store, and treat water? Build a fire and shelter? Help an injured loved one?

Modern society has a lot of benefits. But a side effect is that we’re quickly losing critical survival knowledge earned over thousands of years, leaving ourselves vulnerable in a world that can still chew you up and spit you out.

The Prepared’s mission is to help regular people prepare for and survive life’s inevitable emergencies, whether it’s common stuff like car accidents and job loss or big events like natural disasters and pandemics.

You’ll learn just the right amount of what you need to go from victim-in-waiting to someone with the confidence and skills needed to make daily life and emergencies a breeze.

Risk free with lifetime access and upgrades

Whether you’re totally new, warming up for (or trying to remember) an in-person class, or just want a refresher, we’re confident you’ll be a successful student. If you’re not happy, just let us know within a month and you’ll get a full refund.

You get unlimited lifetime access to your courses, including free upgrades as we expand or improve existing lessons.

Join over 7 million people who’ve learned from The Prepared

Although these courses are new (launched late 2020), The Prepared was already the most-trusted preparedness resource on the web and the leader of the “modern prepper movement” — sane people from all walks of life learning how to prepare in a way that’s based on data, grounded in reality, and easy to implement into modern lives.

You can trust that your instructors are knowledgeable, good at teaching, happy to help, love feedback, and genuinely care about helping you improve your life, family, and community.

Same goes for your fellow students, too. Hang out with like-minded and friendly people, without any of the politics or other noise.

Since you should be skeptical of who you learn from on the internet, don’t just take our word for it…

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Learn the right lessons, the right way

Sure, there’s free videos on YouTube, but how often have you wasted hours browsing through videos to not really learn anything or get a clear, trustworthy answer?

You’d be shocked at how much dangerously-wrong “advice” is taught online. Skip the rambling amateurs, extremist hermits, and ineffective lessons that don’t actually make you safer.

  • Most lessons are the same (or better) than what you’d get from a weekend in-person course — just cheaper, online, self-paced, and yours forever.
  • Just the right amount of info — don’t waste time and money on things that don’t matter.
  • Authentic experts who teach from real experience. Built by professional educators who know how to teach in a fun and memorable way.
  • Focus on realistic emergencies, ranging from job loss and car accidents to natural disasters and SHTF, in a wide range of environments (not just the woods!)
  • No politics, fear mongering, or other noise. Just well-researched advice that you can trust with your family’s life.