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Blade care

Bladed gear like knives, multitools, and axes are a part of prepping, but you'll survive more easily and for longer if you know how to keep those blade sharp. Learn how to use proper gear, like a strop or stone, and how to improvise with random stuff you find.

Fire craft

You'll learn how to create a fire using the common tools in emergency kits (eg. a ferro rod), which materials make great finder and fuel, how to DIY using primitive methods, how to use random man-made materials (eg. a car battery), and general tips on using fire in an emergency.


Exposure can kill you even faster than a lack of water. You'll learn how clothing is your most basic shelter and what to wear, how to make shelters in a variety of wilderness and man-made settings ranging from deep snow to dense cities, and how to shelter in your home if you lose heat.

Hunting & field dressing

This course covers the basics in case you ever need to rely on hunting for food. You’ll learn how to identify game in your area, how to scout and stalk with limited gear, proven tips to increase your chances in a variety of environments, and what to do once you’ve taken the shot.

Water essentials

You'll learn the essential basics about water, both prepping ahead of time and what to do in an emergency, including how to: use common filters and purifiers, find water in environments ranging from cities to deserts, know if it's safe, make your own treatments, collect and store water, and more.

Wilderness first aid

Normal first aid courses assume that help is just a phone call away — but major emergencies don't work that way. Learn practical skills for "austere" situations, where you lack supplies and outside help, such as how to make and use tourniquets, stitch wounds, deal with broken bones, and more.

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