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How to survive kidnapping

Learn what the real risks are (hint: movies aren't real) and how to prevent and survive being kidnapped.

Review: I used the Big Berkey water filter every day for the last year and now I can’t go back

One of the ultimate goals of any prepper is to find preps that integrate seamlessly into daily life. It’s one thing to buy a product, put it on a shelf, and wait until a major emergency. But the real magic is when you get value in daily life and an emergency without missing a beat --- you spend money on what you wanted for normal life anyway and get the prep/insurance for free! A countertop water filter is one of the best examples of that two-birds-one-stone overlap, and the $280 Big Berkey

Best no-touch keychain tool

We bought and field tested the top self-cleaning keychain tools you use in public to touch doors, buttons, toilets, and screens.

Review: Bee’s Wrap, an alternative to cling wrap

For the past two years I’ve been wondering if beeswax wraps were worth adding to my home preps. They’re reusable and environmentally friendly, which made me wonder if they lasted long and performed well enough to be a prepper's alternative to standard cling wrap for food preservation. Instead of single-use plastic, beeswax wraps are pieces of cotton fabric with a coating of natural wax, oil, and resin. Since one of the weird things experiencing a shortage during COVID is cling wrap, it fe

Review: CrazyCap2 Ultraviolet Water Bottle

Ultraviolet light is one way to treat potentially-harmful water. There's a growing market of reusable water bottles with UV built into either the cap or body. The folks behind the CrazyCap Gen2 bottle sent us one for review (which, as always, never impacts what we say.) The CrazyCap2 is a system of water purification with a UV light built into the cap of a reusable water bottle. With a quick tap on the cap, the UV light shines for either 60 or 120 seconds, depending on the level of purificati



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