Links to rain gear reviews?

I’ve been scrolling all over this site looking for product reviews (mainly ponchos, but whatever else is included in rain gear), but only come up with forum discussions. Why can’t I use the search feature for actual articles? It’s maddening. Or if I’m doing something wrong tell me, but the search feature is not helpful to me in this case, at all. 


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      We don’t have any official reviews for raingear, hence why they don’t come up in your search. FYI here’s the link to our official gear reviews https://theprepared.com/gear/

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        Well, I guess that explains why I couldn’t find any reviews then! Thanks. Finding the gear reviews was not a problem, but this site seems so comprehensive, I fully expected to find something about rain gear. Question: do you update your reviews? If so, how often?

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        Np! Reviews are usually updated as people in the community have time to contribute to them – everyone is welcome to chip in via the comments of an article or in the forum.