Alert Status 2/3/23

Of the 8 US miltary commands, 5 have been at Defcon 2 for weeks due to world situation….the US Central Command has been at Defcon 3 for quite a while, however, that was upgraded to  Defcon 2 this morning about the time that the pentagon was calling out the chinese for sending a spy balloon over us. So US continental is at Defcon 2 currently according to open source intel. The only commands still at Defcon 3 are Latin America and Space Command. 


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      So. I’m new to this stuff. Will someone smarter than me with military/fed gov experience explain DEFCON, and what it can mean for the big picture?

      Thank you in advance!

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      according to open source intel

      Do you have any links to back up your claim?


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      Hi Steve,

      This a rational prepper site focused on pragmatism.  Please don’t post claims like this without sources to back it up; you’re just spreading fear.  See Rule #4.