What are some egg preservation methods?

question aside-i have acquired a substantial amount of chicken eggs while the price/availability was there. outside of scrambling then freezing  or pickling, what methods are there for their preservation?


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      saving water-i have every container (besides milk bottles and obvious omissions) filled w/water. how long will it last in a cool basement and be fit to drink?

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      Preserving eggs without refrigeration usually requires starting with very fresh unwashed eggs.  Washing them removes a natural protective coating.  That being said, you could always experiment with store eggs.

      The usual method of preserving fresh eggs is in a “waterglass” solution.  Some people use a lime solution and call it waterglass, but that is incorrect.  Waterglass is sodium silicate.  Usually about 1 part waterglass to 9 parts water.  waterglass

      I don’t know how to use lime. 

      Some people have successfully buried fresh eggs in wood ashes.

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      After success for over a year w. lime eggs, we moved on and now I am super happy with freeze dry eggs.  We scramble and freeze dry raw and re hydration is super easy.  The space save factor from no shell and no liquid is amazing!

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      You got lots of good suggestions in this thread. This isn’t a suggestion but may be a helpful datapoint. If you started with farm fresh eggs, I’ve eaten refrigerated eggs 3-4 months after purchase. Only noticed a few that had gone bad. The bad ones almost always were due to cracking that occurred in the shell. I also had one that had neon tinged egg white which is a sign of bacteria. After that one, I started to crack them one at a time so that I didn’t accidentally crack a bad one into the rest of the eggs I was preparing to scramble. Family reported that they didn’t taste as fresh at that point. But no one ever had stomach troubles. The old adage “the nose knows” won’t catch all issues but has a good hit rate. If it looks off, smells off, or tastes off – toss it.

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      I once acquired a substantial amount of eggs whilst working on a farm, most eggs will last until you can eat them, with only the 2 of us mine lasted several months.

      do the water test before using, put them into a pan of cold water, any that float are bad- the gases inside make them float, if they sink they are fine.