Is it possible to fill 25 gallon propane from 250 gallon AmeriGas tank?

Hi.   Starting research on best way to transfer propane from a commercially rented large tank on the property into 25 or 40 gallon tanks.  Apparently there are problems with the propane being gaseous, not liquid.    Is it safe?  Where can I find more info?    Thanks!


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      This video is interesting.  Make sure you read the comments, as folks that actually know what to do explain the process.

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        @Redneck — thanks for the video.   The information exactly what was needed.  The reason I did not thank you earlier is that there is some kind of glitch with theprepared . com website that requires me to make a new password every time I shut down my laptop for the evening.    VERY annoying.    Now I rarely post because it is a hassle.

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        That sounds very annoying. What are the details of the glitch? Your new password works one day and not the next? You can only login by resetting your password and the new password is immediately unusable? You rely on the browser to remember the password and it forgets overnight?

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        Hey @wildfireexpert this is the first time hearing about a similar issue with logging in. I have just checked your account and can’t see anything wrong. Have you maybe tried clearing out your browser’s cookies and seeing if that helps? You can also email us at hello(at)theprepared.com) and we can try and troubleshoot there.