What is your favorite prepping tool?


Not my picture. Just too lazy to go get my camera and take a picture of my berkey.

My favorite prepping item/tool is my Big Berkey water filter. It is a gravity fed water filter where you put dirty/questionable water in the top, and gravity will pull it through these large black filters and delicious clean water pours out the spout. It’s just so handy, we use it every day in our normal lives to improve the taste of our water, and I know I have thousands of gallons of pure drinking water in an emergency.

What are some of your favorite prepping items/tools? Your garden shovel, ferro rod, flashlight, car, wheat grinder, dehydrator…


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      I love my fire stuff. Ferro rods are cool, I love matches, I especially love book matches, but just can’t beat a BIC lighter. So many lights in such a small package, no trash, and so easy. 

      I used to not carry one around with me because of the button getting pressed in and leaking fuel, but a little zip tie will stop that. I have it set perfectly so that it is tight and doesn’t slip off, but comes off easily by pushing your thumb against the nub in the front. You clip the end and then lick it with the lighter to melt the lock from sinching down anymore. 

      I ALWAYS use some pliers and pull off those pesky child safety thumb guards over the strike wheel. Hate those things.



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      Yay for the Big Berkey! We have one that we use all the time, even if we live in the comfort of the suburbs (we even prefer that over the fridge filter).

      Other than that, my other favorite prepper tools are my power bank, and my foldable knife.

      With how much I use my smartphone, I couldn’t think of going anywhere without the power bank, and have extra power cables everywere. I’m using the NOVOO Explorer (wich is one of TP’s top picks) and I’m pretty happy with it so far.

      As for the knife, I have an Atturo Quartermaster Boss QSA-1. It’s not my favorite (it’s too big) but won that at a rafflle and it will need to do until I can afford a new one. I just love having a knife with me at all times 🙂


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      I’m a big fan of my berkey too.  Everyone I ever give any prepping advice to always starts off with water filtration.  I have the big berkey in my kitchen and it’s used daily.  I also have a travel berkey that goes anywhere I travel.  My wife and I stayed in a motel recently to visit her mother and we only drank filtered water from it or from sealed containers.  (Yes, I know travel right now is risky but we did as much as possible to be safe).  I never drink Unfiltered water and even my coffee is made with it.    
      I do think a multi tool, knife, lighter and flashlight are all good things too but ways to make water safe to drink will always come first.