What do you carry with you every day? and how?

Something I’ve always struggled with is every-day carry of preps.  Sure I have a few key items that live in my pockets, and a few more that live in my computer bag/briefcase, but beyond that I struggle to bring myself to carry more.  This is largely because I just don’t like the burden of an off-body carry bag or pack, and sometimes when I do carry a pack I forget it places.

I’d love to know what people carry with them every day, and how they carry it.  My list includes:

  • On body (in pockets): Full size multi-tool.  Micro multi-tool and micro flashlight attached to key ring. Cash, cards, and ID in wallet.  Leatherman Croc in wallet.  Burta Beeswax (never without!). And of course my phone.
  • In laptop bag (which is always with me while I’m work): Water bottle. Basic might-need meds (ibuprofen, cold meds, etc). Mini flashlight. Phone charger. Protein bar. Hand Sanitizer.  KN-95 mask.  Folding knife.  A few assorted band-aids.  (This is all in addition to my computer and work-related items that need to be in there).

I see lots of room for improvement, so I’d love to hear others’ thoughts and ideas.  And perhaps more importantly, how you are carrying every day!


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