AR15 stock weight

I am considering getting a stock weight for a target match AR 15 rifle. Has anyone used/tried one?  Is there any preceived difference in performance? Thanks!!


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      What do you mean by stock weight? Putting an actual metal weight in the stock of your AR 15 to cut down on recoil or something?

      I do know with pistols that the heavier the gun is (full metal large gun vs small composite one), the less recoil and movement you will have after each shot. So there may be something to it.

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        correct, there is a weight the fits into the stock. I’m just wondering if anyone had tried it

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      What you could do is take one or two pounds of lead bird shot in a baggie and tape that to the stock of your rifle and see if you notice any difference with it. Try adjusting it forwards and backwards along the stock until you find the sweet spot.

      If it does help, then drill a hole into the stock, fill with that bird shot and put epoxy in to seal it and keep the beads from rattling around.