Time to break out the prepping crystal ball. What’s next?

I know it’s impossible to know the next disaster to come but I think we as preppers keep a look out for the signs and can make good guesses of what might come. 

What do you think the next disaster or situation will be that we need to prepare for?

Gas prices are rising, is that just because Covid is diminishing and people are driving more?

Do you think we will enter WW3 from the tension going on with the Ukraine and Russia?

Will there be a third spike in Covid, or are we on the downhill journey with that?

Will food prices going up lead to other issues?

What issues did Covid bring that we have yet to see the impact of?

Will the huge financial toll of Covid and government bailouts impact the economy and lead to a recession or depression?

What else should we be looking out for and prepping for over the next few weeks to months? No wrong answers here, just guesses and predictions.


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      Major earthquake- any minute now

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        Is there anything you prepped or done specifically in preparation for an earthquake? What kind of magnitude do you think you might experience?

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        An 8.9 earthquake is a viable option where I live. I believe that I am actually living in one of the better areas – not near the coast so no tsunami to deal with. However, given the potential  range of the earthquake and tsunami damage, there may be the possibility that they will evac people to our area due to the central location and the fact that there are two military bases in the immediate vicinity.

        However, I also think that the recovery may be longer (reconnecting power etc) in my area as we are semi rural. They will probably focus on the higher density populations first. So, having more resources on hand is one way of prepping. 

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      In one way, Covid has been a blessing.  It has allowed new developments in science to leap forward much faster than normal.  The way they created these vaccines using mRNA is fascinating.  Prior to this, the fastest vaccine was made in 4 years.  This was made, tested & used in a year.  Heck, it only took a day to design the vaccine.  The rest was testing.  And it is just the tip of a very large iceberg.  This will change medicine the way the digital revolution changed everything.

      What’s next?  Odds are it will come out of the blue.  However, I feel some day soon we are going to pay the price for spending more than we take in.  I don’t know in what shape that payment will be but it won’t be pretty.

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        When this all started I thought a vaccine would take years to develop. I’m pretty shocked that they were able to make it so quickly. 

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        The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race, is a fascinating read and gives great insight into this technology.  

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      Good morning Conrad,

      In reply to the specific questions … with much incoherence since more than one time will I prune out political matters and my conjecture.  Will try to keep to basic subject-matter.

      We need to prepare for a disaster / situation where public sector support organizations approach being non-existent.  What does one do for severe injury to family member, neighbor, stranger who drifted onto property ? How will fire be addressed in nearby home ? That abandoned trailer on state road has a horse in it.  Will anything be done in the horse ?

      Gasoline pricing is no longer a function of market economics.

      No, do not envision a WW3 especially in re Ukraine/Russia.  The dangerous flare-ups are originating from non-Great Powers. The rest is “politics” and not for discussion here.

      My personal guess is that COVID type infectious diseases will remain and require periodic vaccinations like our traditional annual flu shot/jab.

      Yes, rising food prices will involve other issues. Will USDA crop insurance be allowed for marijuana crops ? It’s been asked already. Will food imports continue to get favorable tariff treatment to the detrement of domestic foods ? It’s not an easy question due the cost and pricing differentials.

      COVID goes well beyond prepping. Some basic views: It will have some major involvement on national health care delivery and private citizen costs for this. There will be regulatory changes. Think of interstate health care practice.

      I have little worry about an economic depression.  We are already in a recession.

      We must look out for developing new and better-arranged neighborhood organizations. We are super-saturated with MREs, hand tools, bandages but don’t even know who’s living in that nearby house. Our weakness is group development and cooperation. I am not optimistic.

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      The three I’m seeing the most predictions about:

      1. War with Russia within two months.

      2. Severe financial meltdown within months.

      3. Hyperinflation.

      Will those happen? Who knows. My prepping is the same for all three: continue building up my mini-farming operation.

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      Trying not to get political on this issue is difficult , but I see the following as major LIKELY issues

      1 New nastier strain of Covid running amok especially in anti vax anti mask nations

      2 Mass civil unrest both in the EU and US

      3 War between Ukraine and Russia

      4 America starting yet another proxy war to divert attention away from its domestic / economic  issues

      5 Mass  migration to Europe and North America causing more civil unrest

      6 Economic warfare between the west and China

      7 Proxy wars in Africa

      Those are the issues to the front of my mind.

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      i believe that prices for everything will go up for the rest of the year and raises for employees won’t happen or be as high as they would be. businesses are going to try and make up for their losses over the last year and a half and have to make up for it in some way.

      if we were to go into a war, that could boost the economy. from what i remember in school, during ww1 and ww2 businesses involved in the war effort thrived and did well. but that could mean that a portion of the food, ammo, and other gear would be made for the military and less would be available to the average citizen.

      that’s what i’m thinking. any other thoughts on what i said?

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        Good morning Pint,

        Ref the “any other thoughts”;

        The term “the military” now, in substance, also means the civilian governmental organizations performing the same to similiar missions.  Think of border patrol, riot control, public health aspects such as immunization clinics. 

        Augmenting the civilian government organizations are the private sector organizations such as the SAR teams, the security teams, etc.

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      Hi Conrad,

      Excellent topic and well deserved on the feature designation. I have wanted to reply for a couple of days but chores and duty called.

      We have been, and continue to be, responding to multiple disasters and situations globally. This has been going on for many years. The experience doesn’t seem to have made any of us on this planet the more intelligent for it.

      Every day our species continues to repeat the same mistakes over and over expecting different results. Are human beings insane or stupid?

      If one part of the world isn’t fighting over territory or resources, then another part is.

      Firmware cyber-attacks are increasing, directed by more sophisticated groups and for much higher stakes.

      Climate change effects are affecting populations now and we are woefully lagging behind where we should have been by now. Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring” 1962. I sometimes wonder where we would have been if she hadn’t written and published her book.

      Gas prices are rising, again, and like any commodity will continue to impact the lives of those who are heavily dependent upon it.

      Regardless of why or how or where it starts, WW3 is just another phrase for an extinction event.

      We have developed too many efficient and elegant ways of slaughtering each other. Warfare is no longer personal and head to head as it was in the past. Now, technology adds a layer of distance.

      We know the consequences of a global war gone too far, and today, that line isn’t far to reach or cross. Whether or not we do, it depends on the group consciousness of the inhabitants of this planet.

      We have to participate in making this world more peaceful. There is a song: “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”

      Covid is already into its third wave in Canada and the situation is bad.

      Viruses are part of life on Earth. We notice them when they are really bad. What we need to pay attention to is how to reduce our risk of contracting them in the first place. A vaccine mitigates the effect should we contract the virus but is no guarantee of prevention.
      We also need to treat our immune systems better. Healthy diet and exercise are key components of a healthy immune system. The best way to break the junk food and inactivity habits is to replace them with better habits.

      A freakishly restrictive or expensive diet isn’t necessary. Wash your fruits and vegetables. If you eat meat, handle, store and cook it properly. Walk for exercise, indoors if you must, but get moving.

      Stress also affects our immune system. Nothing on this Earth is worth destroying your health over. No relationship, no job, no hardship is worth it.

      Food prices have been going up for a long time. Every time there is a gas price increase, the food prices go up. I worked in trucking when there were gas price increases. The percentage that everyone charged each other in the industry was ridiculous. The farmers and producers don’t see the money, but the middlemen reap the benefits every time there is a situation upon which they can pin another jump in food prices.

      People have long been under the financial toll of improper personal financial management.

      None of us can currently control disasters. In a democracy, we can elect our officials and try to hold them accountable from the civic to the national level. But, at the end of the day, we can’t control them directly. What we can control are ourselves and how we manage our resources.

      It is a myth that pensioners have a pile of money. The single highest rate of poverty in Canada is for widowed women on a pension. People in Canada list their home as their main retirement asset. More disturbing, is that there is a large group of people here who enter retirement still indebted.

      My Dad gave me the best advice: Stay out of debt. Save, even a few dollars every pay day. Make savings a habit. Stay away from the stock market and any investment that aren’t guaranteed by the bank. This is your life, not a trip to some casino. Don’t gamble with your life or your savings.

      In the foreseeable future, follow health protocols and don’t quibble about wearing a mask or anything you can do to stop the spread of Covid or it’s variants. Wearing a mask protects other people. Do it for them. It’s a small thing to ask given the severity of this pandemic and its long term neurological effects on the survivors.

      Thank you for posting this really interesting group of questions, Conrad.

      I have a “date” with a shovel and have gone way past my allotted down time so I need to run. I am quickly posting some links relative to points in my reply if anyone would like to see them.