Online survival/prepping courses?

I’m doing some research for an article, and I’m wondering if anyone here has a favorite online course related to prepping or survival that they’ve taken? If so, I’d love to check out whatever you’ve found useful. Thanks!


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      This is going to be a bit out of left field, but Rewilding Portland did their Echoes in Time conference online this year (wrapping up today, I think) and it includes a number of online classes on “ancestral skills.” Some of it will be specific to the Portland area (re: plants, edible fruits). Full disclosure, I have not watched them – I’m going to wait for the archived videos. I don’t know if it will require a donation to the conference to watch them – they’re on a “pay what you can” model.

      I did attend another conference pre-corona and the people there are serious about what they do. It’s connected to Rewilding of course, which is a philosophy of living and a whole subject in itself. Probably not exactly what you’re looking for but it is novel and you’re almost guaranteed to have never heard of it otherwise. You can see the schedule here https://echoes-in-time.com/?page_id=2266

      Edit: looks like the videos are up, have to be found through the Facebook page.

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      I haven’t taken any structured online courses, but I have learned a lot from Four Season Foraging and joined her Patreon (first time ever) which has additional content for supporters. Not sure if that’s the kind of content you’re looking for. She has blog articles and posts how-to videos on Youtube, in addition to doing live class in Twin Cities, MN area.


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      Have you checked out Joshua Enyart’s stuff? https://graybeardedgreenberet.com/store/digital-training/

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      http://www.Outdoorcore.com is an emerging platform and has some cool stuff. I’ve taken a couple of the short free courses, and looked at the previews for others.

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        They have a course on making fish leather which is pretty rare. Which ones did you take?

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      I have found there is so much on youtube, that you can spend a lot of time learning for free. I have looked at courses in the outdoors but they are usuallly out of state which adds to the expense. Most of them are pretty basic and the tougher ones that involve being outside for an  extended period of time are not for me. I have an extensive library of survial skill books. From knots, recipes, shelters, skinning, making snares, first aid and more than I wish to type here. Everytime I reread one, I learn something new. 

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        Agreed. Enroll at YouTube University! LOL

        Plenty of prepping channels. And while there’s a lot of decent information out there about prepping in general, I found myself filtering out rhetoric, comments, etc and just focusing on the key takeaways. I kinda liked City Prepping’s channel, it seemed like one of the more sane ones. There are a lot of interesting Gedankenexperiment (thought experiment)-inducing scenarios, well-reasoned tips, gear, etc. The get-me-anxious-because-looming-DOOOOM -music is slightly annoying and distracting but dude seems like he has a really high budget. I have champagne dreams and beer budget. So, if you’re on a budget, apply filter there, too.

        I’ve also found that just searching just the vanilla basic stuff can be really useful, especially if you need a break from the anxiety-inducing prepper channels. The ordinary, plain stuff can be really educational and you’re still learning a skill toward a prepping goal. Hell, I’d argue that they’re more educational because you don’t have that added stress/anxiety. Well, at least I don’t.

        They’re also really good for refreshers!

        – Bicycle repair

        – Auto repair

        – Firearms (basics & advanced)

        – Self defense concepts and techniques

        – Ham radio

        – Camping tips, camping gear

        – Cooking and preserving

        – Gardening tips