Items with multiple uses – Lighten the BOB by using these!

What are some items that have multiple uses which can help cut down on the shear number of items to prep for or lighten a bug-out-bag?

Or what are some modifications you have made to some items to allow them to be used in different ways?

Here are some I have done:

  • Took a file to the back side of my knife so that it can be used as a ferro rod striker.
  • I have a Glock 22, which is normally a .40 caliber gun. I have a conversion barrel that I can swap out the stock barrel in less than 15 seconds and the gun will now shoot 9mm. 2 different caliber guns in one package!
  • Fresnel lens, can be used to magnify what you are looking at for like first aid or used to start a fire. I have a small credit card sized one in my wallet, and also got a large sheet sized one at Dollar Tree for a dollar. 
  • Tarps! I love tarps! I have like a dozen from when Harbor Freight gave them out as a free item with every purchase. Shelter, protect the car seats from pet hair, used to signal, collect water, and so many more uses! 
  • I’ve thought about replacing my shoe laces with paracord, but heard that it is too slick of a rope to hold a shoe lace knot well. Have any of you done this?
  • Another one I like is the alcohol wipes in your first aid kit can be used as an extremely flammable fire starter, sanitize your knife, or clean up your eating utensils. I love these little things.

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