FIFO can racks for the pantry

I took a chance on these little racks I found on Amazon, bought two, and quickly decided to outfit the whole shelf with them.  They are literally shoe-horned into the shelf, but they fit, wall to wall.  I’ll never go back to boxes for regular size cans again.  I will be gradually adding more.20220625_132953[1]


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      Very nice! I love the tie down straps as well for earthquake protection is it?

      Do you mind sharing an Amazon link for these racks you are using?

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        Yes, earthquake protection.  I don’t think the tiedown straps would work well with “loose” cans like this, but for boxes, buckets and tubs, I think they’re great.  They can be adjusted to be very tight.

        For the can racks, I think a 1×4 as a “lip” across the front of the shelf may be better at holding back a “flood” of cans…or maybe a 1×4 and a strap.  It’s always something.

        Here the link to the racks.  They don’t look like much but they shouldn’t take much of a beating.  Also, they are built to stack.

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        The two units that I have, are self standing. They have a 2 ‘x2’ foot print each, I like the concept, the ones I have are a little tricky to use, but they do work.

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      I’ve looked at those too. I keep threatening to build racks out of scrap lumber but the honeydos don’t seem to ever get doed, LOL

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        We can’t keep up with routine maintenance around this place, much less take on new projects!  LOL!  I’m sure there’s a better product out there somewhere, but darned if I could find it.

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        I know that feeling.