Black Friday – Cyber Monday deals 2020

This forum thread is going to be updated throughout the next week with various Black Friday and other holiday deals related to prepping. Keep checking it out often and share it with others to get the best deals on your preps.

ThePrepared.com’s Water Essentials Course – 50% off if you preorder.

Olight – Free i1R 2 EOS flashlight, Free $5 credit, and ability to earn more free store credit. Up to 45% off all but one flashlight on their website. 

HUGE deals on Berkey Water Filters – Here and Here (our review on best home water filter)

Legacy Food Storage – Starts now. Use code BLACKFRIDAY to get 20% off your order. (our review of best food buckets)

Valley Food Storage – 15% off. (our review of best food buckets)

Emergency Essentials – Up to 50% off site wide. (our review of best food buckets)

Thrive Food Storage – Up to 40% off. (our review of best food buckets)

Harvestright – Save up to $400 and free shipping on home freeze dryers.

myfoodstorage.com – 20% off

Battlbox subscription box – Free tent with every new subscription on Cyber Monday with coupon code: cybertent

Survival Frog – Up to 75% off. If you spend +$150, you get a free electric hand warmer.

Solostove.com – Over 30% off fire pits

Darn Tough Socks – 25% off through November 30, 2020

Mymedic.com – 30% off sitewide. No code necessary. Orders over $49 will get a free neck gaiter and cold & flue medpack.

Rapid Medical – 30% off sitewide

Traeger Smokers and Grills – various discounts

32 Degrees clothing – 70-75% off site wide

Lowe’s Giftcard – $100 gift card for $90

Apple Products – Various apple gift cards with purchase

Rush 72 packs -dropped in price from $180 to $100

SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD V2 – $100 off


Sawyer Mini Water Filter – Price dropped 28% from $25 to $18. (our review of best portable water filters)

Lifestraw Water Filter – Price dropped 35% from $20 to $13. (our review of best portable water filters)

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork and Knife – Price dropped 25% from $9 to $7. (our review of best spork)

FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine – Price dropped 35% from $200 to $130.

Augason Farms Variety 4-Gallon Pail – Price dropped 29% from $85 to $60 (our review of best food buckets)

12X Magnification Binoculars – Price dropped 58% from $60 to $25.50

Craftsman 20V Cordless drill driver – Price dropped 32% from $87 to $60

64 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Cabinet –  Price dropped 34% from $42 to $28

Ring Video Doorbell 3 + Echo Show 5 – Price dropped from $290 to $150 – (our review of best Home Security Cameras)

Ring Video Doorbell Pro – Price dropped from $250 to $170 (our review of best Home Security Cameras)

SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System – Price dropped from $300 to $210 (our review of best Home Security Cameras)

Blink Outdoor wireless weather resistant HD security camera – Price dropped from $250 to $150 (our review of best Home Security Cameras)

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 32GB – Price dropped from $150 to $80 (forum post about E-Readers for use in a survival situation

Amazon Kindle w/ Front Light – Price dropped from $90 to $60 (forum post about E-Readers for use in a survival situation

Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier – Price dropped from $700 to $600.

Molekule Air Purifiers – up to 20% off

Instant Pot Ultras – up to 33% off – (our blog post about using an instant pot to cook dried beans)

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker – up to 17% off 

Samsung EVO microSD cards for your trail camera, security camera, phone, and more – various discounts

Coleman Outdoor Gear – Up to 40% off

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles – Up to 30% off

Walker’s Ear Muffs – Up to 50% off

9-Hour Emergency Candles – Price dropped from $30 to $20 – 33% discount 

Enbrighten LED camping lantern – Up to 20% off


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      I received an email from Exotac today stating that the website was 30 percent off for Black Friday. I have a couple match cases, a ferro rod, and a lighter from the company, and it makes good stuff.

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      5.11 Tactical has 25% off everything

      LA Police Gear is having daily deals, as well as 25% off everything from 5.11

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      The folks over at Proton are offering ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus for two years for $7.50/month.

      This is the best private email and VPN provider that I know of, and at 50% off, that is quite the deal. While not really a “prepping” item in the traditional sense of BOB and SHTF, this can help prepare and protect you on a digital front, which most of our lives are today.

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        ooh, nice! Proton is great.

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      Self reliance outfitters- 15% off store wide, 20% off their brand knives 

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        Aquaquest BUy one get one 50% off, and their cleanse section has real affordable dry bags.

        Also Feldenkrais Method gentle movement/ rehab series on sale as well as some free stuff. Really has helped with an old back injury. https://www.feldenkraisaccess.com/store

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        Those dry bags have lifetime warranty too! Thanks for sharing

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      Roaring Fire Gear – 25% off the Armadillo Mini Tool Roll Bag bundle and Ember Pro organizer pouch

      There are various other deals on their website as well. 10-15% off other bags. 

      Plus free items: 


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      Sun Oven!

      If you have not heard of this or don’t have one, you NEED to get one! These things are amazing!!!

      Sun Oven Holiday Bundle – From $494 to $340

      All American Sun Oven – From $389 to $300

      Sun Oven Protective Cover – From $60 to $40

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      Fenix Flashlights (https://www.fenix-store.com) – Everything is 20% off using promo code BF20

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      This is an awesome post but the words “tactical” and “Spork” in the same product name is kinda funny. 

      • 7

        Haha! I agree, but have you clicked on the link and seen what it looks like? I’ve never seen an angrier piece of cutlery before. I think it could take out most other silverware and even a few chopsticks. 

      • 5

        I checked it out. Definitely would kick the butt of Taco Bell’s Spork any day!

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      Discount Tire, and probably other tire companies, are offering 10-20% off certain tires and prepaid credit card rebates this Monday.

      Time to get your winter tires on for the coming snow! This has been one of the most important things I have done to prepare. So many times it has saved me from totaling my car, injuring myself, my family, and other drivers.