What juicer should I buy?

I’d like your opinion on which juicer to purchase.

I bought a manual HealthyJuicer, which is fantastic for leafy greens and wheatgrass but not practical for everyday use or big amounts of juice. Hand pumping enough for 1 nice-sized glass takes an eternity.

I’m debating between acquiring a centrifugal juicer (Breville) to motivate me to juice every day or a single gear juicer (Champion, Omega, or anything else) for quality.

What are your thoughts?


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      Hi Marrah, I have a Breville, and it’s a beast!  LOL! I used to use it for making a veggie cocktail of carrots, beets, kale, cucumber, bell pepper, cucumber, and maybe something else.  As you might expect, it doesn’t extract a lot of juice from kale, but plenty enough to pack a punch in the juice.  It wouldn’t be good for wheatgrass either. Otherwise, it is a phenomenal, heavy duty juicer.   Cleanup takes a little time, but the biggest job is brushing the screen and I wouldn’t say that’s a deal breaker.

      For apples, no.  There’s too much air in apples and it turns the juice into foam, which will not dissipate. Probably wouldn’t be great for tomatoes, I think it would spin out a clear juice, but you could always add pulp back in.

      For berries and such, I have an old Mehu Maija steam juice extractor.  It’s main job these days is acting as a giant colander for screening out bones etc. from bone broth.  Very much a dual purpose piece of equipment.

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      What I do is just blend up everything in my blender and then put it inside of a nut milk bag. It’s a durable fine mesh bag that I then squeeze out the juice by hand and can throw away the pulp and fiber.

      I don’t make juices often so this was a good solution without adding another expensive appliance to my kitchen.