And when that ammo runs out?

I notice that new laws are coming in from some….. and more regulations on the books for restricting or proposed eliminating the 2nd amendment…… which would restrict supplies.

Currently I see that primers are in very short supply in some places and slowly and surely some are going to make it as difficult as possible in the future to obtain crucial items.

So what would you do as the ammo runs out? Reloading is an option….. but where will you get that Sulfur,, Shot, KNO3…. etc…..or is your bolt hole full enough to last an extended period?


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      Reloading has always been the way to go, especially if economy, versatility, and accuracy are important. It’s fun, as well.

      My ammunition stock is…..adequate.  No need to go into details

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        Adequate?…. I like that………

        I am in an area where its no guns at all so my methods have to be improvised……..

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      When I purchase ammo, I do so when supply is high & pricing low… and do so by the cases.  Times like these are not the time to be buying ammo.  I have enough for any crisis.  I’ll just say if I ever did something wrong & the government were to take my guns & ammo, you’d probably see me on the national news.  Sometimes the news likes to make gun owners look as crazy and dangerous to society by showing that they had thousands of rounds of ammo.  When I see such reports, I laugh thinking what would they ever say about me?  🙂  I don’t hunt anymore but have my own shooting range down in the bottom pasture and I shoot a LOT.  I love to train for in close, home defense.  Almost every gun I have is suppressed so I do so quietly.

      I don’t reload & am too old to try.  I suggest preppers stock up on 22LR when it is cheap & available.  It is the cheapest ammo by far and because it is so small, it takes up little room.  My 300 Blackouts start at around .75 each so I don’t shoot them as much.  22LR costs me around .05 each, so I shoot a lot of it & stock it heavily.

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        A couple of years ago I saw video of a guy in the USA that had a room (probably about 12′ x 12′ x 8′) and every single possible place had weapons…… I was impressed………

        But I dont think I would want to mix it with you Redneck…LOL…….

        The ONLY way to go is be properly armed! cos the bad guys are!

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        Heck, no one has to worry about me… unless they mess with me or mine.  Shooting is the one thing I like to do with others.  Thru the years, I gave up hunting because I lost the heart for killing for no real reason. Of course I could go back if I ever needed the meat but for now I just love shooting metal targets on my range.

        I actually get a kick out of training new shooters.  Most are afraid of the kick & the loud bang.  My suppressed S&W 15-22 is my go to gun for such training.  Being a 22LR, it doesn’t kick at all.  Being suppressed, it is very quiet.  Every single person I have trained has shot amazingly well, not because of me, but because they don’t fear the gun.

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        Redneck…… You sound like you really enjoy those guns..

        That is so good to hear……. enjoy

        Given the choice I would have a few……

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        hey redneck, what are your thoughts on selling or trading ammo? lets say you  need a repair done to a generator and they one guy in town that can do it wants 4 boxes of 9mm or a brick of 22

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        Well at first thought, one might think the barter of ammo is a good idea, but I’m not so sure.  It depends on the circumstances.  But seems like to me we are talking about barter during a crisis, when other options are limited.  In such a crisis, my main concern is stealth.  The less people that know who I am, where I am & what I have… the better.  So to me the question is one of timing.  I wouldn’t do it while there was a panic going on but would probably do so once things stabilize a bit.  I’d need to know the person & ensure they wouldn’t be a threat.

        Now if you are talking about trading now, when there is no panic but just a shortage, then no… I don’t think so.  My stores are there for my use & for a crisis and serve a purpose.  When one reaches the point where they have years worth of goods in storage, that leads to calmness & satisfaction.  And once again, I don’t want word getting out that I have enough ammo to trade.  Staying stealthy is all important to me.

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        This whole conversation just brushes the edge of a larger conversation about grey man vs hard target and when each should be applied. In the case of ammo trading I definitely agree with redneck, keep your stockpile to yourself. Have other commodities to trade such as liquor, tobacco, clothing, etc. The things people will really be hurting for beyond the basics 

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      I’m not as old as most of you guys on here, but in my short life I’ve seen the same pattern of demand and prices going up and supply going down, wait a while, then supply catches up and prices go down. Just like the stock market. 

      I feel bad for those new shooters who are just getting into the hobby now and don’t even have enough ammo to fill their first gun with. If this is you, keep an eye out and get at least one box when you can, but then wait until supply goes back to normal.

      I reload and the hardest thing to find right now are primers, just like you said Oldprepper. When supply goes back to normal, I’m going to stock up on a bit more than I should. I’ve had family members who have been reaching out to me because I reload thinking I can just make however many I want and don’t understand that the supplies to make the ammo is just as scarce. I want to be able to help them out next time.

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        Robert…….. less of the old…… we got lots of life left yet…LOL

        Your reply is kinda what I expected across the board really excepting company that have been prepping a long time.

        Just listening to guys like Redneck there makes me envious of what could be if I only lived in the USA

        The scarcity of supplies is NOT an accident…… they plan it that way I believe…so be very economical when doing favors…….. even for family…… there may come a time when you actually need that round you give away.

        The issue is always gonna be running out of ammunition………especially if you have to start bugging out!~

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      Not going to run out.  Been down this road before, after Sandy Hook.  Learned my lesson. But really… guns and ammo are crucial yet overrated in terms of preps.  Every scenario I anticipate isn’t some zombie movie, it’s slow, controlled collapse.  This country is tearing itself apart over political division, but I don’t expect a “civil war” or any such thing.  Just gradual decline, which probably won’t reach the dark ages until long after I’m dead. 

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        I agree with that……you do get a gradual decline…..

        Its hardly ever that governments actually declare war though…. most conflict comes from spontaneous action that occurs in some way and politicians then capitalize on it.

        So many battles have started from something totally unrelated ……….. and I think that is what people are trying to protect themselves against.

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      SECURITY Walther reign 22 PCP

      Security Genesis Pro bow

      I only use PCP air rifles and Compound Bows, I have roughly 12,000 pellets and 100 arrows plus stuff to repair arrows with.

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        that’s pretty neat bill. how do you refill the air on that gun? the other day i went to cabelas, which is like one of the top sporting goods stores here in the states, and they didn’t sell bow strings. plenty of bows and every accessory you could think of, but they didn’t sell bow strings. i wonder why that is…

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        Dunno about the bow strings I bought four complete spares to go with my two Genesis compounds, bout $30 a piece, but I’ve been using the original strings for 7 years now and they are not even slightly frayed??

        I refill the guns from two 7 litre dive bottles that i can refil for $3 at the local range plus a hand operated 3 stage styrup pump as reserve.  I get 170 /180 shots per fill from my Walther Reign.

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        i’ve heard that with some styles of bows it is discouraged from keeping your bow strung 24/7. sounds like with a compound you can just leave it strung?

        that’s much cheaper for air than i thought it would be.

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        Yes most compounds arte left strung, some of the adjustable pull weight compounds can be “eased” off when not in use. But most traditional bows  are destrung when not in use, especially those made of natural materials.

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        I like arrows….. I have about 100….. lots of spares…. a couple of bows…… good on the short range I think…….  can make my own heads…nasty… very nasty ones……

        I would dearly love the gun…. but where I live even they are banned……

        PS… see Sling Shot Channel on Youtube…… some good stuff to play with….

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      I’ve got some really nice bows but even the most expensive was only £200 $260, a fraction of what some rigs can cost, YET all to often for targets of opportunity I just keep grabbing the el cheapo starter bows ( both types) from Barnett, only 25 ft pound draw so you aint hunting elk but so bloody cheap  they are almost disposable when they go wrong.

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        Absolutely correct…. I have a Falcon 60 inch takedown and although its not a purist bow I keep it just in case…….

        I am surprised at how accurate its possible to become in a short time…. If you cannot have a gun…. its worth considering……..

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      Dry fire in order to maintain skills. I went from shooting 500-1,000 rounds a month before the panic to shooting less than 500 this year. Every time I have gone this year though I’ve still been able to hit my par times because I’ve been consistently dry firing. I keep a certain amount of ammo stored as my “Do not touch unless it is currently hitting the fan” ammo. That and I have a bow for hunting as well. If you’re burning through ammo in a SHTF situation you’ve done something very wrong to begin with.

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        My sentiments exactly….

        I dont think there would be raging battles going on every day, but I think for many ….running out if not carefully addressed….. is a very real issue.

        Where I live hunting bows are not given their true value but I have learned to appreciate them.

        Learning how to make shells from start to finish which I believe in an extended situation will be the only alternative, so the skill is necessary, bearing in mind that careful preparation and expectation of lesser power when you do.]

        Trouble is……. materials are already being restricted…..

        Thanks for the reply

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      Hey folks, we just posted our guide to the best survival bows.