Where do you keep your car fire extinguisher?

Feels like an exceedingly mundane thing to post about under the circumstances, but: I was digging back through the blog archives over the holidays and read somewhere (either on TP or in a linked article) that one should keep one’s car fire extinguisher within reach of the driver’s seat. Makes sense, but after driving around for a few days with my fire extinguisher rolling around in the passenger side footwell, I can’t help feeling like it would be a super dangerous projectile in an accident. Does anyone have a good method or approach for safely securing their fire extinguisher within reach of the driver’s seat?

And note I don’t have one of those yawning cavern center console bins with a locking lid, so I’m thinking about strapping the thing to the seat somehow.


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      I screwed mine onto the transmission hump in the back seat. Not really reachable from the drivers seat, especially if trapped after an accident. The tool next to the extinguisher usually sits right beside the driver (I moved it for the photo only), it has a metal point for smashing glass and a built in blade for cutting seatbelts. 


      Not relevant to the question asked in this thread, but I also carry, behind the rear seat, 2 pure wool blankets (for warmth and bushfire), a puncture repair kit, mini air compressor, snatch strap, first aid kit. In the centre console is a lithium battery jump starting kit. 

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      I “remade” my otherwise useless center console to keep a fire extinguishee next to me.  My machine is a Ford F-150 pickup truck that’s nearly devoid of human factors engineering.

      Colsole can be pivoted upward for full bench seat.  I keep it up.  On top of a rubbery mat on bench seat, (to prevent slippage), added a 6″ inch tall rectangular plastic container.  This holds extinguisher, some paper towels and rags.

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        I’d love to see a picture of that setup, Bob! Maybe I can find some inspiration for my car…

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        A couple of minor ophthal and optic infirmities restrict my time mostly to narrative only. Doc said to avoid pictures/videos (like, dangerous to me, fluorscent lighting).

        Basically, I’m using a small plastic dish washing basin equivalent ~ 6 inches tall and fitting on seat.  At Dollar Tree, pre-COVID era- bought some sticky-ish rubber cabinet mats that are non-slip. 

        My D-I-Y console is just a rectangular plastic container with new small towel on bottom, extinguisher, paper towels, some rags for anti-fogging operations and pad of yellow-stickons with pen for notes.

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        “A couple of minor ophthal and optic infirmities restrict my time mostly to narrative only.” — Well said! Ha! Well your narrative painted a picture in my mind’s eye, so thanks for that. 🙂

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      I keep two in my truck.  I have one attached to a seat back organizer (Gray Man Tactical; though 5.11 makes a great one that is much cheaper and more portable).  It is with reach of the driver with a little stretch or via the rear passenger door.  


      I also have one in a cabinet on my canopy with other recovery related gear.  You can see it nestled in next to the flares.  Excuse the rest of the mess… 🙂IMG_4163

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        I like that organizer behind the passenger seat. Could attach many things to there that need to be reached easily.

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        Thanks, Tom. I’m really digging the seat organizer— resolves the issue of where to store the tourniquet, flashlight, and some other key items as well as the extinguisher. I bet I could even figure out a way to strap a water bowl on there for my dog. (I’m thinking of all the things that have annoyed me by rolling around in the back seat footwell…) My fire extinguisher project is definitely on hold for now, since I’m having engine trouble and the vehicle in question is old enough that any significant problem could portend the end of it… fingers crossed…

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      Fair notice, I do not keep a fire extinguisher in my car because of temperature limits.

      I have found long velcro ties (Velcro One Wrap) to be just terrific. They go into molle webbing, obviously, but can also wrap on to a bit of metal on the under-front passenger seat. In a rush, if peeling them loose isn’t working, they are very cuttable.

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        Fantastic. Could be a good attachment method on a seatback organizer, too. (I drive a small car, and I don’t think an extinguisher would fit under the seat in the front.)

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      Thanks pnwsarah!  I had not done that research.  Of 3 vehicles, only one follows this recommendation.  It’s in a cupholder one the back wall of the extended cab of the pickup truck.  Just below the window and easily grabbed by any occupant.  The other two are under the back deck of a hatchback.  I did put them by the edge for easiest access.  Time to rethink those.   Could possibly fit in a bottle holder in the door.  

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        Yes, I feel like bigger newer cars often have some kind of console or cup holder that would work well for this purpose, but even then, I worry about the extinguisher being hurled out of its spot by the force of an accident. I love the idea of attaching it to the car somehow, and this thread has several great suggestions for ways of going about that. I knew this community had the answers!

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        Flying about in an accident is a good point.  The one in the back of the truck is pretty wedged in there, so I’m less worried about it.   It’s also in the center of the car = reduced likelihood of a direct impact vs on the door.  I was messing around a bit today with placement.  The bottle holder in the driver’s door works although it’s nearly to too tall for it.  The one on the rear door is a perfect snug fit as it is ONLY a bottle holder – not also a storage pocket.  Now if I can reach it from the driver’s seat is another question.  Still better than under the back hatch deck.  Progress!  Thanks for the topic.  

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        It could prove advantegous if you visit your area fire station when there’s some firefighters present.

        Get some hints/suggestions from them. 

        Frequently enough, you’ll also get some good pamphlets and sometimes a poly tote bag they put the pamphlets in.

        My extinguisher is next to me in a small bin like used for washing dishes.  It’s wedged in place by some paper towels and the fireproof gloves worn when using the extinguisher. 

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        Thanks for the suggestion, Bob.  I should visit the the fire station for more than those reasons as I live in wildfire country.