What are your thoughts on pull-tab lids on cans?


I am starting to see more and more cans get these pull-to-open type lids. What are your thoughts on these from a prepping standpoint? 

I can see them being nice to get into food quickly without a can opener. But I see the traditional style where you do need a can opener being sturdier and less likely to failure.

I’ve heard that you should avoid the pull-tab lids for long term food storage, because they give way over time and can expose and spoil your food. 


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      I personally wish all cans did not use the pull tabs. I feel like the ones where you do need to use a can opener are much more sturdy, don’t take that much time, and there is something satisfying when opening a can.

      I love the smooth edge can openers like this one. And I always carry a p-38 can opener on my keychain so i’ll never not be able to get into a can!

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      I like the pull top cans and havent yet had any issues with failures, spoilage or leakage.  I have a mixture of pull top and traditional canned goods in my prepper pantry.