Video, Bugging out of coastal cities by boat.

An interesting take on Urban prepping in which  being able to safely flee a city in a disaster is portrayed as being ” Insurance” ( for the wealthy)  rather than prepping.  I suppose it does open up some options and alternatives for the community at large to consider, especially as so many users of TP are urban preppers? Second part looks at those converting old silos into redoubts, a tad OTT for me.


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      Good afternoon Bill,

      Don’t usually watch videos, etc due to some ophthalmology problems, …

      However, yes, it is going on now.

      Had posted a couple of articles (I think) here at TP.com re arrangements in Manhattan, NYC.

      They have the best speed boats for most maritime weather conditions.  They recruit crews from a little south of here around Naval Station Norfolk / Amphib Base, Little Creek, Virginina Beach.

      Of course, these people had their legal beagles get the approval of the city and state government. Although this boating is Federal – the admiralty laws apply, all proper arrangements have been reported.

      Not familiar with the silos.

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      depends if the people doing the bugging out by boat have any seamanship/sea navigation training, do they know the tides in that area? do they know where the wrecks and reefs/rocks are?

      its not something that you can just jump in a boat and do as many have found to their costs!

      I grew up by the sea BTW.