Urban / Suburban EXTRA prepping tools , What have YOU got

Ok so we all know the general EDC/ GHB/BOB contents and its assorted permutations, but what EXTRA items have you got to help you survive OUTDOORS in an Urban or Suburban area.

What extra tools, devices or EXTRA equippment have you decided to carry with you when you venture out during a crisis that is OUTSIDE of the normal list of prepping kit?


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      Good afternoon Bill,

      First, just an item; not tool, device, equipment:

      If in an urban area, I will wear a slightly larger than my size sports coat. It’s water repellent treated and has extra large pockets.  On inside are some enlarged pockets and some nylon (not the thicker ballistic nylon) pouches sewn in.  In top outside pocket where the typical silk hankerchief goes, is a thin and sturdy Ziploc envelope with some various lapel pins for specific use as to what area of the swamp I’m in (Swamp = Washington, D.C.)

      For this swamp area, my load bearing suspenders (braces) with pouches would only be a labeled brand for a civilian organization. Nothing military or “tactical” in the narrow sense of the word. 

      If I am in this urban area with my orange pith helmet, it will have stuffed in the inside rigging, a black plastic rain hat cover used in funerals by firefighters, LEOs, … with hope I can get out of this urban area and might need to lower my visability in crowds.

      My urban walking stick would not be a firefighters fiberglass pike pole but rather, specifics determining, a shaft of some sort.


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      One main concern for my area are the biting bugs & mosquitoes.  Now many carry insect repellant, as I do, but I also carry mosquito netting.  I keep it in my truck.  It is something we all should have, especially at your home.  Some folks don’t consider that when the grid goes down, your house gets hot.  Open the windows for a breeze or sleep on a porch, and you have to deal with the insects.  Sleep outdoors, they can drive you crazy.  So have plenty on hand for however many folks you will have. 

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      Not a smoker, but carrying a lighter on me has helped out numerous times.  That, and a knife. Many people think I’m carrying a dangerous weapon and need to stay clear of me when I use my knife to open a box instead of a car key. Nope, it’s small guys, and I’m being safe.

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        My friends have often teased me about having a knife & matches/lighter with me. Grew up in the north, that sticks with you, never know when you’ll need either one!

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        When I was a young pup, I was at an outdoor work event and there was a crowd gathered in a circle. I went over and they were trying to find someway to light a firework. One kid was semi prepared and had a ferro rod on his keychain so he went around the yard and was trying to gather tinder (dried leaves, grass, sticks) to start a little camp fire just to start a firework.

        I used to carry a book of matches in my wallet, but looked and I didn’t have any. Ever since then I decided to always carry a BIC on me so that I could always start the random firework and save the day.

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      Roughly as EXTRA to my EDC gear / GHB if planning to operate in an insecure or possibly dangerous urban area I add things like.

      Work Gloves


      40 mm filter canister mask

      Pry Bar

      10 mm climbing rope

      Glass breaking tool

      Flourescent spray paint (To mark areas I have cleared)

      Digital camera


      Set of Screw Drivers, Torx and Allen Keys,Scalpel

      Extra STERILE water

      Door Jamming Wedge ( to keep escape route open OR to keep door secure if resting.

      Ducting tape

      Extra maps

      Street guide of AOO

      Fire lighting Kit ( lint, Hexamine, storm matches)

      Couple of heavy duty trash bags.

      This list will vary depending on situation and what I’m trying to do.

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        Nice setup man.

        Do you know the magnification level of your binoculars? 5X, 10X, 15X…

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        8 X 21, I like em compact 🙂