These pants aren’t chainsaw proof but pretty close

Found this video of Husqvarna’s chainsaw pants and thought it was pretty impressive.

I went to the website and there are two kinds, Technical or Classic. They both have the same rating (ASTM F1897) but a pretty big price difference.



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      I would never describe them as cheap but their well made and worth it if you’re working with a chainsaw on a regular basis. My brother does more of this kind of work than I do so I got some for him as a gift. No complaints yet and no injuries though he’s always been extra careful.

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      I checked the price on these and honestly that’s not a lot of money to keep your limbs haha!

      This should be standard equipment for chainsaw work but there are plenty of weekend types lugging chainsaws around before a trip to the ER. Hate to sound negative but a live chainsaw sounds cool as hell but it can change your life way too fast.

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      I wear my chainsaw chaps whenever I use the saw (I’ve got a scar just above my knee, from helping a friend, that reminds me to put them on). When I went to the site, they’re actually more expensive than chaps! (They’re actually over twice as much as chaps for the technical pants.) Is it easier to put them on and take them off? Do I need to go in and change pants just because I want to chainsaw, instead of just putting on my protective chaps over what I’m wearing?

      I guess if you go out everyday where you could be using a chainsaw and so you wear the pants, they’d work well — but at that price, it’s not likely you’d have more than one for work. For those of us that run the saw for a couple hours a time or 2 a week, putting on chaps seems easier, less expensive, and just likely safer.

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      I’d be curious to know if these work better than a pair of basic chainsaw chaps. It’s what most people use and probably a lot cheaper than the ones in the gif. The chaps I have are pretty cheap I’ll admit but they’re they’re breathable which is a lifesaver in the heat. The ones in the gif are probably more protective since they’re actual pants though. A head to head review would be cool.

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      Pants are not properly chainsaw proof. It’s not proper safe, but it’s primary secure. If Black and Decker’s chainsaws are used, then pants can be safe from the chainsaw.

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      When I was taught to use a chainsaw I asked the old guy how to stay safe using such an aggressive machine and he said “only cut on a firm footing…make sure the automatic kickback brake works…….keep the holding arm rigid and never use one handed……”

      So now being the old guy that has used these machines ….many times… am giving the same advice……. no matter what pants you wear!