Survival playing cards

I went looking for these thinking there would be many good options. I wanted something inexpensive that contained some useful survival/first aid information on the faces. Everything I found was either very expensive and/or had terrible reviews. Does anyone know of a good option that I haven’t found?

I did come across multiple printer shops that would print playing cards for you. If I could find free/open sourced/non-copyrighted survival tips and diagrams then doing it myself could be an option.


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      I am either amused or appalled at playing cards in a survival context, even those with useful tips… In any situation worthy of thee label, you won’t b playing cards and the thinnest survival manual will have more useful info, which should have ben learned already.

      The right kind of cards might make good fire starters.  Anybody have experience?

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        Did somebody say light something on fire!? I’m your man!

        I took one of the extra advertisement cards out of a Bicycle deck and lit it on fire. Here’s what I found out in a 30 second video –>

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        The wind blows it out before it’s able to completely burn, but I think the high amount of plastic coating on the card also prevented it from burning as well as 100% paper would. Putting five of these crinkled up on the bottom of your tipi fire will probably act as a good fire starter. It gets my seal of approval as legal tinder 😉

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      Printing your own would be very cool for your own supplies and to give away as gifts. 

      There have been two previous forum threads that I remember playing cards being talked on:

      You can also go with a simple waterproof pack of cards because of the durability.

      I haven’t tried any of the following, but they look interesting and something you might consider.

      • Conflicted: The Survival Card Game Deck 1 -has different scenarios on each face of the card to get your brain running through scenarios and figuring out what you would do. Would you come up with a different answer than your spouse? Example card:


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        Those Conflicted playing cards look interesting. To answer the question on that card you posted, I would not assassinate the person. Sure I might live for a bit longer now that I have the insulin, but I’ll have to live with myself for doing that and the insulin will only last me so long before I’m in the same situation of being without and then I’ll die. It won’t allow me to live indefinitely, but only prolong my life for a short time.

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        I love the look and idea of those foraging playing cards! Thanks for sharing Gideon.

        Also, kudos on digging up other relevant past threads. Appreciate it.

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      I have to agree the ones I’ve seen were pricey for the product and some of the advice was dubious. Instead, I bought a few Collins Gem books. Specifically these. 

      SAS Survival Manual

      Mushrooms ID

      Food for Free.

      These books are brilliant pocket sized guides that are easy to stow away in a bag. I often pop them in my daypack when I go out for the day to see what is about and that I can identify it. They are well thumbed little books.

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        Have you been able to identify and eat any wild mushrooms? Do you eat them raw or cooked?

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        Yep, St Georges Mushrooms, Chicken of the woods, Giant Puffball, and Field mushrooms. I’ve been searching for Morels and Penny Buns but as yet have had no luck. I do stick to the easily identifiable ones to eat and I have only eaten them cooked. 

        I’d like to go on a Mushroom identification course at some point.

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        That is very impressive! I looked up what each of those look like and have to say the Giant Puffball looks the coolest. Is there a certain time of year that is better for mushroom hunting? I will be on the lookout now

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      I’m no expert, but I’ve found that apart from St Georges Mushrooms, that are about the only mushroom to fruit in the spring, late summer early autumn onwards is the main mushroom season. Although field mushrooms pop up when conditions are right at other times.