Spiders – the insidious attack insects



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      Good morning Illini  Warrior,

      Appreciated reading Nora Taylor’s linked article. I’ve got Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders here.

      Sometimes the red hour glass on my Black Widows appear orangish.

      Recommend first use hydrogen peroxide before alcohol. Do check with your trusted EMTs/Paras of area.

      Write down about bite and what done to alleviate. Kep this card with large bold print in field shirt.  In case consciousness lost, ……

      Anti venom believe is RX. Recommend check with EMTs/Paras about  getting for IFAK if working with our friends the spiders. 

      It’s the Mike Fox cousin of the spiders that I hate. This is cousin tick !

      I grew up learning to always wear boots, long pants tucked in, long-sleeve shirt and hat. The old mosquito repellent and related contained DDT.

      The “About the Author” para made my day ! Loved reading:

      “Emergency First Aid” and “Red Cross First Aid”. There is a difference.

      My day is made. Thank you.

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      I hate to say it, but I hate every type of spider.  For some reason, they scare the pants off of me.  My wife thinks its funny… until I remind her of her fear of rodents.

      There is nothing worse in the world than blindly walking into a spider’s web.  I can imagine those creatures climbing all over me.  In the fall, we have some huge spiders that builds a nest between the ground and a low hanging limb.  They only do this in the fall.  So when I’m cutting grass, I do everything possible to watch out for them.  Sometimes, I’m not successful.  If you ever want to hear an old, fat redneck scream like a little girl, come watch me cut grass in the fall.

      Just today, while cutting the bottom pasture, I almost ran into a wolf spider’s nest where the pasture comes up against the tree line.  That thing was the size of my fist, well maybe not, and luckily I saw it scampering up the web to get away from me.  I think we both almost had heart attacks.

      Did I mention I hate spiders?  🙂