Survival experts debate if man is still alive in Florida’s Carlton Reserve after 3+ weeks


Good afternoon,

Article is about a possible criminal matter involving someone hiding in a Florida wilderness to evade the authorities.

I’m posting this article for the wilderness statements some experts say.

Article mentions Urban Survival Academy and The Survival University.

Note article’s ” … when you don’t sleep you … making bad decisions, bad choices”.


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      Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. It may spark some good debates and ideas here.

      Personally, my gut feeling is that he is either dead or not in there. I’ve seen Man vs. Wild, and the Florida everglades is an extremely harsh environment to live in. It’s even hard to find a place to sleep in there because of how deep the water is.

      I especially liked the comment from the article “The mosquitos will carry you off, anybody out there more than a day without mosquito spray, you’d go insane with the bugs getting you and everything else.” 

      It’s hard enough for a professional survival expert to survive out there, let alone a “mediocre survivalist” like his sister calls him, who is possibly trying to avoid authorities. 


      Hope you don’t mind me changing the title of this post to expand a bit more on what the topic is about.

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        I think being dead or not in there is correct……. very inhospitable is about right………….

        That said ……..if it were me…………. I think hiding in plain sight is a very good way of avoiding many………

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        So if you had to avoid the authorities you would just move to some random city and live among everyone else? Is that what you mean hiding in plain sight?

        It could work. I didn’t even know what he looked like or that he was wanted until bob shared this story, so I could have passed him by now if he was just out and about shopping at our grocery store.

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        We live in an anonymous these days…… and many of us do not know others on our doorstep…… its just not like the old days where everyone knows you!

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        Good evening Gideon,

        No, not at all. I support editorial oversight.  My objective is to get preparedness info out to readers. The new title helps much.

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      I’m a Floridian who loves the outdoors and will go into the woods of central Florida where others don’t in search of hidden clear water cold springs to go skinny dipping in. I’ve had a wild cat run in front of my truck, seen many snakes and alligators and I agree its the mosquitos that are the worst. I always go with multiple types of mosquito repellants and could not imagine living without it. 

      Most of Florida has had a lot of rain the past month, causing many springs to be ‘browned out”…when there is too much runoff making the once clear springs brown. Rivers have been too high for good kayaking and trails are big mud pits. We get a lot of rain, which is how we have these beautiful springs, but it would make surviving very treacherous. 

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        Skinny dipping with all those mosquitos is pretty brave!

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        Mosquitos are not a problem if you are IN the water, it’s getting out that sucks! But it’s so beautiful, worth the extra work.

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        Good afternoon Ezly Amuzzed,

        A tangent to the mosquito repellant use;

        I augment my bug repellants by using moth balls (camphor). Some of the pouches on my load-bearing surpenders get about 3 each. The cargo bed is clear of undesirable species.

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        I’ll give that a try, with mosquitoes I’ll try anything. 

        We use the Thermacell which emits a vapor which works well in the forests of Florida. However it does require cartridge refills and is big for a bug out bag.

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