Does anyone have any experience with the Snakestaff Systems ETQ (Everyday Carry Tourniquet)?

Does anyone have any experience with the Snakestaff Systems ETQ (Everyday Carry Tourniquet)? I saw a video last night from PrepMedic reviewing it, and was wondering if any of y’all had one. 

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      I had never heard of it before, so thanks for making me aware. I did watch the vid just now.

      I can easily carry a flat-folded softt-w with no impact on concealment, and I’m not a big guy. I use the Mastermind Tactics TQ pouch here (https://www.mastermindtactics.com/shop/tqpouch); I’ve removed the velcro loop and added a single DCC clip. It’s thinner than a mag pouch and rides between holster and mag carrier carrying AIWB. I can take a photo of the setup later if you are interested.

      As PrepMedic says, this MAY turn out to be an amazing product, but there’s no real data yet. In any case, even though the ETQ is smaller, the size of the flat-folded SOFTT-W is not a problem at all.

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        I’d love to see a pic! I love seeing different peoples setup’s!

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        Here you go. You could of course try it with the velcro belt loop that it comes with, but I found that it would sometimes print that way. For me at least, the clip is far superior, and the tq just disappears this way. I initially thought I would need to stitch the clip in but found that once in place on my belt the tq slips right out and pouch stays put. You have some leeway as to ride height as long as you have enough tq to grab on to. Also note that this is the gen 4 SOFTT-W. Gen 5 would be a little bulkier but still not as bulky as a CAT.



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        Very nice setup emcee! 

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        Hey emcee! Nice setup!

        I’m new to ccw and I’m trying to figure out a setup. I’ve seen your setup and I have a couple questions.

        1. It looks like you’re running a Glock but I’m not sure. What holster are you using? 
        2. Why aren’t you using a mag caddy attached to the holster? Is there perks to not having it attached? What’s the mag holster that you have in the pics? 
        3. What’s your build i.e height, weight, waist size etc.?  I’m wondering if we’re similar in size so I can possibly mimic your setup. 

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      Yes, thanks for posting this.  I wasn’t aware either.  Like a friend says about cameras – the best one is the one you have with you.  I’ve started assessing additional locations for trauma kits (like the workshop with power saws).  This or the SOFTT-W would upgrade my mobile kits (smaller/lighter) – putting the bulkier CATs I have for the stationary ones.  

      And emcee, that is a sweet setup.