Season 9 of the Alone premieres this Thursday May 26, 2022. Get caught up on the items used by the winners of previous seasons.


Season 9 of the popular survival TV series Alone kicks off this Thursday May 26, 2022 on the History Channel. A quick summary of the show is that 10 participants are dropped off in the middle of no where and try and survive as long as possible with 10 items. Last man standing wins $500,000. Many survival TV shows are staged and may even fake some of the survival techniques shown on the show, but one thing that I like about Alone is that each participant runs their own camera gear, is truly out there on their own, and what they go through is real.

In this updated article, The Prepared breaks down down the 10 items chosen by each winner and runner up of the previous 8 seasons. Obvious spoilers in the article if you are planning on going back and watching previous seasons. What I like about this article is trying to imagine which items I would choose if placed on that show and how I would use them. 

Something special that I am looking forward to in this next season is that The Prepared community member Jessie Krebs is one of the 10 participants. She has contributed to projects such as the Water Essentials course and How to use a compass and map. I will be cheering for her and wishing her the best of luck on this next season! 


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      Can’t wait! 

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      Good luck Jessie!!

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      I am looking forward to this season, but as with all TV series, I can’t wait each week to find out what happens. I’ll wait until it is all out and then binge watch it.

      I need to work on my patience. 

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      I wish they had room to bring a shovel, I got excited about the woman last season who was building a pit house.

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        The season 3 winner brought a shovel and attributed his win to it. 

        I too liked the pit house last season and it had potential but think it took too many calories to build. That’s the key, build a shelter that is insulating enough to save calories but expend as little calories making it as possible. 

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        Ohh, I don’t remember that season, I’ll go look at it.

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        I loved Theresa’s pit house! When it got cold, she was hanging out in there all cosy warm wearing only her long underwear while everyone else wore everything they brought. No steam breath came out of her mouth!

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        I think the shelter building and stove and chimneys are my favorite part. 

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      I’m glad to see that they can kill squirrels, this year. Last year, the hunting restrictions were kinda ridiculous. 🏹 🐿️

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        It looks like no gill nets though.

        They can shoot bears!

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        After Jordan killed that moose and wolverine in season 6 and Roland got the musk ox in season 7, I won’t be surprised is someone gets a bear.

        No gill nets? That will throw off the chart… 🙁 It will make it appear that gill nets are not that great of a survival item if someone is just looking at the raw numbers because an entire season of survivalists won’t be using it just because it’s a rule.

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        Yeah, I feel like they’re teasing / setting up that scenario, for sure! 🐻

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      Still waiting for season 8 to arrive on Netflix.  I’ll get caught up eventually, though.

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        And for those of us following Alone on Netflix, season 8 is NOW available.