Safe place to live when it goes south

Do you think living within or next to an Amish community is a good idea as most of them are self sufficient and not violent and may be open to trading etc?


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      Will an amish community let you in if you aren’t amish? At the least, living near them you can probably assume that they won’t be a threat to you since they probably aren’t going to be starving or losing their mind in a crisis.

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      Just be prepared to be held at a distance. I live in PA among the Amish, while friendly with the “English”, they can be a bit stand offish at first. They do like doing business with you though! Also, expect to be asked for rides to town or distant stores at times. They are truly an industrious bunch and work hard. Be prepared for the kids to get a bit rowdy during Rumspringa where they are allowed to test some limits. Sort of like “The Purge” without all the gunfire. 

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