Russia cuts gas to Europe and amasses military on western borders

Russia cuts gas to Europe and amasses military on western borders (msn.com)

Russia deploying large military forces to its western borders and has cut essential natural gas supplies to Europe.  Basically Putin holds all the aces and the knock on effects could be catastrophic for Europe this winter.

Russia cuts gas to Europe and amasses military on western borders (telegraph.co.uk)


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      That is horrible timing with the colder weather approaching. Hopefully people are seeing this now and looking into alternative methods of heating.

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        Energy and fuel and other shortages in many areas, Chinas short of power and diesel, Europe short of natural gas.  US west short of water as is parts of Australia.  Lebanon out of Gasoline and diesel and fuel for its generators.  ISO shipping container shortage because they are all in the wrong places. Shipping charges for ISO containers jumped from 2500USD to 15,000USD for many commodities coming from asia to europe and the US. Butane and Propane shortages in the UK due to shortage of bottles and cylinders. Oh and a shortage of precut firewood for domestic users in the UK. Add the growing worries over a bad winter in the northern hemisphere and the extra freaky wild weather events….. Needless to say my stress levels are up a tad 🙂

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        There are lots of things going on in the world to stress us out aren’t there? But focus on what you personally can control and do to be better prepared. With prepping comes comfort, peace, and hope.

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        Amen to that,  I believe is the appropriate American terminology ? 🙂

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      I am worried about some spark setting off current situation.

      Am sure the natural gas supplies were expected as generated by the Glasgow official commentary re Russia’s chief of state absence.

      Yes, indeed, Putin runs the show. 

      November is start of the holiday season here. At a military funeral today, the usual folks that always show up at these events, were absent. They were on alert for something or already packed to go somewhere. 

      So now, the Atlantic Alliance (just a term; no longer in any real alliance) will be paying double for the delay in building Nord Stream 2 under the sea.

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      In almost everything we do there is the cause and effect principle at work.

      It seems to me if you have a guy with a big stick walking up and down one side of your property you may well reinforce that area too.

      As to the natural gas it would seem that the powers that be have forgotten that in times of crisis adversaries use supplies as a bargaining chip.

      Very soon the whole of the EU are likely to have a more serious gas shortage….and you might ask….just who was the Einstien that made the decision to get supplied from Russia!

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        Quite fascinating to see on the other side of the EU that Serbia and Bosnia are creeping towards open conflict again which will have a further destabilising effect on Europe.