Recommendations for solar camping lanterns?

Does anyone have recommendations for solar lights?  I thought it might be nice to have some lanterns in case of no power. Thanks!


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      I got an inflatable one a few years back based on some Reddit recommendations. It might be a little goofy but I love it. Take a look at https://mpowerd.com/

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        Thanks!  I like that. 

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        Looks like they have a good sale going on now too.

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      These are very lightweight and fairly inexpensive (they’ve increased in price since we bought four of them a few years ago, though).

      I don’t know how durable they are, since I’ve never dropped them or anything, but they’re still charging fine.

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      Someone asked about the Luminaid on the Perpetual Gear Finds Forum:  https://theprepared.com/forum/thread/perpetual-gear-finds-thread/

      @Camille posted her experience with it.  it’s much like the mpowerd that @Supersonic mentioned.  

      The new larger panel Luminaid landern is out: https://luminaid.com/products/titan-2-in-1-phone-charger

      It’s got a red mode (+) and is heavier (-).  Hmmmm.  the mpowerd has issues charging a phone per the reviews and the larger one is sold out.