Public safety power shutoffs – Dress rehearsal for the real thing

In SoCal, we now routinely experience PSPS when high winds prevail.  While inconvenient, they are preferable to wildfires sparked by down power lines.  They also offer a chance to test at least some of your preps and experiment with procedures. We just had a two hour PSPS, and last year we had one that lasted for three days.

With internet down, keeping phones charged was a top priority.  Camping gear came into use, especially for cooking.  Our headlamps and portable lanterns proved useful.  Batteries recharged by portable solar panels were great.  We learned to minimize opening and closing the fridge.

On balance, not exactly fun, but a good learning experience for more difficult episodes…..


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      Yup! I bought a generator. Not for winter storm outages, but for PSPS in the summer to keep the a/c running for my 82 year old mother when it’s 104+ degrees outside and the power ain’t on. PSPS- a micro feedback loop. Stunning, isn’t it? And excellent practice, too 🙂

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      Three days without power has got to be rough for many people. I like your positive attitude though of using these events as rehearsals for a surprise and longer event.