Preparedness podcasts?

Hi all,

I’m curious as to whether any of you have any preparedness podcasts that you enjoy, or even singular podcast episodes — perhaps interviews with preparedness experts talking about what they have and do and why, scientists who have expertise relevant to natural disasters and response thereto, first responders, structural and civil engineers, or people who work in government on disaster readiness and response.

I like that The Prepared doesn’t pick sides politically and is focused on providing high quality information, so anything that is similar to this site in those dimensions would be especially appreciated. The one thing I’ve found so far that I like is “Getting Through It” with Dr. Lucy Jones, which is really interesting, but it’s a lot more about the social and natural science of disasters than how we prepare for them.

Thanks for any ideas!

[Edited to add: I’m asking because I often stay up too late sewing or reading preparedness-related content on the internet. Listening to preparedness-related content while sewing seems like it would be an efficiency gain.]

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      I think Things That Go Boom, while not specifically a prepper podcast is very interesting for people who think about prepping.  

      The Big One, about earthquakes, is good.

      Neighborhood Preppers only have a few episodes.  It’s not super professional but they seem like a nice pair of very sane guys with some good tips.

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        Thank you! I started The Big One last night and I really like it, particularly because of the fictitious scenario that frames the storytelling, because it helps me transpose those scenarios onto my own city.

        The interview in the first episode with the woman who was trapped following the Christchurch earthquake was particularly sobering, since I live in a city that is actually often compared to Christchurch because of its combination of seismic vulnerability and a downtown full of gorgeous, beloved, but totally unreinforced brick buildings. Like Ann, I mostly go out of my way to avoid unsafe areas (e.g., I take two busses instead of one because the one bus route crosses a vulnerable bridge and the two bus route uses a new, seismically hardened bridge) but sometimes give in to what is most convenient. 

        I’ll put your other two recs in my queue, and look forward to them, but your first one is already a hit, so thank you!

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        I’ve heard good things about the Big One. Guessing it will freak me out a little but that’s almost the new normal!

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      I like Prepping 2.0. They lean right, but it’s not usually too overtly political. The interviews with Dan the food industry CEO are always interesting.

      Prepping 2.0 Show

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      I liked It Could Happen Here.

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        Great recommendation, thanks for this. It’s both really good and feels a little like prepper porn.

        I’m only on episode 2, but the reporting is good and he does a good job walking you into the premise.

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        I agree with this recommendation. I was very skeptical going in because I’ve heard people discuss the potential for ‘the second American civil war’ before and there are two traps they often seem to fall into: (1) they dismiss the existing social science work entirely and (2) they are too confident in their idea of what it would like.

        But I think the creator and host of It Could Happen Here lays out his ideas pretty well, is attentive to the existing social science research around civil wars (without being beholden to it!), and takes good care not to commit too strongly to one single possibility or vision for what the future might look like. As a result it ends up being a really educational podcast.

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        I highly recommend it! I listened to ICHH when it first came out. And again about 2 months ago. Eerily prescient at many points.

        For anyone else looking to listen to It Could Happen Here (by Robert Evans [@iwriteok on Twitter]), your shortcut to the podcast is >>>here (via iheartradio).

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        Following up to say that I stayed up way too late last night (yes, sewing) because I started ICHH and couldn’t stop listening. It’s really scary, but not to a degree that isn’t warranted by the actual circumstances. I feel like I’ve learned a lot just in the first few episodes, and it’s given me a lot to think about. Great rec— thank you!!

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        I’m really looking forward to listening to this one— thank you!

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        The author (Robert Evans) has another great audiobook called The War on Everyone that’s free, and covers the white supremacist movement in America. Very, very good stuff.

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        Thanks for the recommendation. I listened to ICHH and got a lot out of it. Looking forward to The War on Everyone.

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      I recently finished both The Big One and It Could Happen Here and want to echo what others have said; they are both fantastic.

      Another podcast I recently stumbled across (thanks algorithms!) is Live Like the World is Dying, and it’s definitely worth checking out.  Robert Evans, the brain behind It Could Happen Here, is interviewed in one episode, so be sure to check that out if you’ve been urning for an update from him.

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        Finally got around to checking out Live Like the World is Dying and it ticks so many boxes for me— I even like the logo art! Thank you!

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        Yay, this one is good, too! Different flavor than the other two mentioned, but very personally inflected and fascinating.