I’ve made a lot of hardtack, but never Pemmican. I plan to experiment in the next few weeks.  Has anyone tried making or eating it?  Thanks.  


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      I have not, but I am curious! Would love to know how it goes.

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      I’ve been researching pemmican on and off. The problem right now is finding beef cheap enough to experiment with. Even eye of round is around $10 per pound where I live.

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        I agree with @Josh, right now it is expensive if you go buy ingredients from the store. Last year I tried to make pemmican. My local butcher just threw away all his extra fat and said he could save it for me, so that was a win price wise for 1/3 of the recipe. But the lean meat that is required is just too darn expensive. I figured it was going to be about $50 or so just to make a small piece. Not worth it for me.

        I’ve been really wanting to go hunting. I think that is the only price efficient way to actually make pemmican in 2020. 

        When I click on the ‘Courses’ button on The Prepared’s website, I see one of their upcoming online courses is hunting and field dressing. I think that would be a good time for them to do a side article about making homemade pemmican if they haven’t made that course already.