(Multi-tools) Victorinox Spirit X, am I missing something?

I wanted to comment on the multi-tools article but it doesn’t seem to have a comments section. While researching for multitools, the primary “big ones” I identified were the Leatherman Wave+ and Charge+ TTi, Victorinox SwissTool Spirit X, and Victorinox Hercules.

The Hercules has some advantages over Leathermans – a large knife, better saw, good awl/reamer for poking holes in wood, toothpick, tweezer (good for ticks, splinters)… But it’s a multitool based around a knife, and I already have my Fallkniven F1 (can you tell I read that article?). And I want to be able to lock my tools in place and not do that thing I’ve always done with Swiss Army knives where I don’t wrap my whole hand around it in case the tool were to swing back towards my fingers. So that one is out, even though there’s a lot of good stuff there.

But the Spirit X looks like it really could replace a Charge+ or Wave+ just fine. According to what I’ve read, the pliers are better engineered, don’t put the user at risk of getting pinched, and the whole thing is more ergonomic and solidly constructed. Looking at the tools the Spirit X has, the only thing I feel like I’m missing compared to the Charge/Wave is the diamond file. But if I’m stropping all my bigger blades (knife, hatchet), and I have a $10 pull-through sharpener in my BOB, it doesn’t seem like that much of a downside. I could strop a multi-tool blade as well, I suppose.

So this is all to ask, was there a reason the Spirit X wasn’t considered for the multi-tool review? I got a Skeletool CX in the meantime, but I’ll be looking for a full-service multi-tool at some point. At this moment, the Spirit X is looking like the one, unless there’s something I’m missing.


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      I’m sorry to hear that the comments section was missing on the multi-tool article. We just fixed it!


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        Thanks, I reposted this post (with a couple small modifications) in the comments section for the multi-tool article, where it’s probably more appropriate than in the forum.