Map of Doom – video of various prepper scenarios


A 20 minute video on YouTube discussing the types of things Preppers try to be ready for with an emphasis on putting disasters on a scale of severity vs. likelihood… released about a week ago.


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      This was a very informative, interesting, easy to understand, and fun video about different apocalypses that may and are happening. 

      Thank you for sharing it.

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      Great video! I am a big believer in threat modelling. For those unaware of what that is, you analyze what you are actually are trying to prep for, what is likely to happen, and focus only on those things at that time. 

      Threat modeling gives you direction and places boundaries so that you are not spending time, money, and effort towards those things that are not likely to happen. This helps you to prep faster, have fun with it, and prevent burnout. 

      For example, a food shortage is probably more likely to happen than a nuclear war. So get your food storage and ways to cook sorted out first before going and buying gas masks and hazmat suits. And guess what!? Many of the basic and most likely preps will carry over to other preps. In the above example, you will definitely want a great food storage if there was a nuclear war because all other food will be contaminated and bought up by everyone else. So if you really can’t shake that need to prep for that nuclear war because it is fun and more exciting than buying canned food, then just think of it as part of your nuclear preps too. 

      There seriously is way too many things to prep for, it can be overwhelming, and very costly, so sit down and think about the most likely scenario that will happen for you and tackle that first, then you can move on to the next thing.

      There was another good forum thread a while ago about this if you want to read more.

      Again, great video! Helps me to prioritize what I should really be focusing my time, money, and energy towards.

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      Hey Sorcer Gamble, what are you prepping for? What do you feel like the most likely thing to happen to you is?

      I’ve been working on home security a bit this year. I was worried about civil unrest, but I’m glad that things are starting to calm down that way.

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        I prep for the likelihood that things could always get worse, from a personal tragedy or setback to one of the many scenarios (war, meteor, volcanic erruption, etc.) that could cause the earth to be without sunlight for 1 to 3 years as well as a break down in societal order from a pandemic or an e.m.p. pulse, etc.  But I have also been watching our standard of living fall on average since the 1970’s in America.  I think it is prudent for every person to try to have a one year emergency supply of food and water (which can be put together for about 500 dollars per person with rice and beans and used 55 gal. water barrels) as well as a means to protect that investment as well as methods to rebuild, harvest, gather, trap, fish and hunt additional sources of food and water.

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        Getting together a one year supply of food is one of my top priorities. I hope I can keep working on that this year, I think it is so important.

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      Here is a similar video that I just watched that goes over potential apocalyptic situations. I thought it was pretty entertaining. Although most of the situations presented in the video are not likely to happen in our lifetime, and not something we can really prepare for, I thought other preppers might like watching a video about the worst case scenarios that could potentially wipe out all of humanity.

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        Definitely… great video.  Basically suggests that even though things could get hellish any number if ways… there’s still a high probability that anywhere from .02 to 40% would likely still survive,  giving humanity a chance to rebuild.

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        Many of the worst case scenarios would require a person survive thru a global winter where sunlight doesn’t reach the earth … anywhere from months to 10 years or so with an average perhaps in the 2 to 5 year range.  That’s a lot of food and water… and a hell of lot of trying to stay warm.

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        I’m not aware of many people with 2-5 years of food and water storage. And with a global winter, I can’t imagine that farming would produce enough for you to live off of. Especially if the ground and water becomes radio active. 

        Reminds me of the movie 2012 where only a select few are chosen to survive. The politicians, engineers, scientists, and others who could rebuild society. 

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        Same thing happened in “Greenland” (2020 movie). Similar themes in that and 2012.

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        Thanks for the recommendation, I haven’t heard of that movie before but i’m sure that is one that I would really enjoy. 

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      This was an interesting and sciency video about pot ash. Pot ash is the ash that is left over from your hardwood fires. This video goes into the discovery, history, and innovation of pot ash over the years. 

      As preppers, we can use it to make soap, gun powder, and fertilizer. Pretty cool thing.