Looking for prepping community in GSO, NC

Can anyone recommend a resource to hook up with other preppers in Greensboro, NC (or surrounding areas) without using social media platforms? It seems word of mouth only goes so far.

I am looking for decent, sane preppers and survivalists, not political extremists nor conspiracy theorists.

Thanks and stay safe!


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      Try visiting homesteading / off gridding / smal holding / ham radio  shows and events within your state, very often you will find normal rational people who turned prepper at those events often selling home grown produce or running / attending courses. 

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      Good morning GSO Prepper,

      Follow what Bill mentioned nearby, then: …

      Consider visiting, yes, visiting, the Emergency Coordinator of Greensboro. Ask about any preparedness groups.  Your area has some good ones but like the rest of the fruited plain, they are buried in with the nut cases / nutters.

      Fire Stations, both formal/professional  are usually familiar and some firefighters might have some affiliation.

      On 24 Sep is a campground study “fair” (costs $) in Saluda, N.C. Worth glancing at their website. If they have a contact, consider asking of any prepper groups scheduled to attend.

      A long shot, but realistic, … check web for leader of the Lynchburg, Virginia prepper group.  He’s active in much and very successful. 

      Tidewater, N.C. / Dismal Swanp area has a couple of small but active groups.  They sometimes meet in Virginia Beach.

      Must have been 2 years ago already, the New Bern, N.C. emergency with flooding activatedthe Cajun Navy to go to New Bern. (I was overseas). The USCG, in a sense, threw the Cajun Navy out.  They didn’t use NIMS/NRF and no one knew them. Moral of this example.

      We here in Central and Tidewater Virginia are actice.  We do screen.  I warn my people that once some commandos offer classes on hunting rabbits with 57mm recoilless rifles, to call the area LE agency and get them out of Dodge.

      The COVIS quarantine screwed up my schedule for last year.  Otherwise, I’d be giving you names and edresses.

      Do stay here at TP.com.  Will be on the lookout for the Research Triangle prepper groups  and will reactivate this tread.

      A final note, … final because am not organized for now; …

      Besides TP.com, John owns another prepper org in formation site. Will look for their info for you. Their site leader is – forgot name – Ruth mamma pup or similiar.  Was in USMC.

      Transmitting from Tidewater, Virginia.  I’m a neighbor.

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        Hey Bob.  That is some really great information.  Thank you so much for the ideas and the leads!!

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      Wish you the best of luck in your journey of finding a prepping group. I commented on another forum topic before about how I think it’s pretty hard to find prepping groups and how there may not even be one within 50 miles of your city. Doubt many cities have a full prepping community established, but you may be able to start one. That’s what this topic is about How to build a community before and after a crisis.

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        Hey Conrad.  Thanks for the info — I will check out that post for sure.

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      Good morning GSO prepper,

      Some follow-ups:

      Check out http://www.preppergroup.com  Their webmaster is “Pupply Mama-R. Ann”. I recall they have a good quality North Carolina section.

      Hope you’re faring OK re the remnants of the hurricane.  We’ll get our exposure this evening.

      I omitted much yesterday. If you can get some coastal North Carolina prepper sites – they’re around the Dismal Swamp, see if they are familiar with your area in re finding a decent group.

      Same point re the Lynchburg, Virginia club.  They are active and know the territory … includes the Research Triangle.

      Practice safety. 

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        Hey Bob.  Thanks again.  I will circle back and let you know what I am able to find out.  Stay Safe!!

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      Check out GSO Homestead, meets at 1206 American Legion Street (Off of Yancyville) Sept 30 at 7 pm.  Meetup group started by Carrie S.

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        Do you have a phone number for Carrie S.?? I’m over here at the place you suggested, but it doesn’t look like anybody’s here at this meeting.