Lets see your EDC

As the header says, how about a threat showing each other your typical EDC daily loadout varying by gender, age, geography, profession etc, that way those of us with similar interests may pick up ideas as to how improve your own gear.


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      So here is my TYPICAL EDC loadout, I’m a Brit so no guns, Middle to old aged, semi retired full time prepper and writer. Its due for an update as its missing a couple of items and a few bits have changed. But its a start to get the thread moving.

      My latest EDC Nov 20

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      Only thing I carry every day, is my Gerber auto knife.  I’m a mid 60’s male living in north Mississippi.  It is simple to carry a handgun in Mississippi but I choose not to.  I hardly ever go anywhere besides work, so I don’t feel it is needed.  Also, I find a holster uncomfortable with my fat belly.  🙂  Around the farm, I use a shoulder rig for my Sig P226, based on the WWII tanker type.


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      2020 EDC

      Work in tech, 30’s, Virginia

      • Glock 19x
      • Cheap FDE foldable knife
      • OnePlus 6T
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      I’m a 30’s male, working in tech in eastern Pennsylvania.

      I’ve actually reworked my typical EDC recently with the purchase of the bag pictured here which has allowed me to carry a bit more without overloading my pockets. Also, I’ve been “temporarily” remote from work since last March, so this will expand to include more in a backpack once I’m called back into the office and need to carry a laptop.


      Here’s the gear:

      • Chrome Industries Ziptop Waist/Sling Bag & small accessory pouch. I’m a big fan of Chrome bags from my “only-mode-of-transport-is-a-bicycle”/college days. Super durable and utilitarian while still looking reasonably fashionable for life/work in an urban area.
      • Beat up but still kicking Leatherman Wave
      • Olight i3T EOS flashlight
      • Retro 1951 Hexo-Matic pen (takes Parker ballpoint refills)
      • Extra cloth face mask (in a Ziploc)
      • Spray hand sanitizer
      • Lip balm
      • Wallet with cash/cards/id
      • Google Pixel 4a 5G (not pictured, of course)

      I’m still working on building this out more effectively. Biggest next steps for me are getting a small trauma/first aid kit squeezed in (basically a Stop the Bleed kit), as well as some more organization for things like the multi tool and flashlight (LM is currently floating at the bottom of an internal pocket).

      Would love any feedback/questions!

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        Good post Chris, I think many in our community whose circumstances have changed because of things like Covid 19, the BLM / Antifa civil disruption and assorted lockdowns have had to rethink or tweek their essential EDC gear up over .   If a stop the bleed kit is too bulky consider a few female sanitary pads or tampons. They work quite well as wound dressings. I’m trying not to look like I’m going to walk across Africa , so I’ve tweeked my kit to the more executive leaning EDC aspects. So my Knife, Flashlight and Kubotan  is now a slimline CRKT CEO Exec knife, a NEBO inspector slimline flashlight and a Tactical pen to replace the kubotan.  (Circled below) My Nov 20 EDC - Copy

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        Thanks Bill! I like the CRKT knife – I feel like that kind of encapsulates my EDC goals. Keeping things sleek and functional, and reasonable for the office.

        Quick question – I don’t know if it’s my phone or what, but I wasn’t able to see the labels on your image in your original post. What’s the item just to the right of your flashlight (#9 in your image)?

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        It is a Blazer PB207 Butane lighter / torch, Its a lighter on steroids, you can even braze and solder with it. Its almost indestrucable, my first 207 is now over 27 years old and as good as new. but I recently bought a second one for my FHB roughly $40 ish

        For something similar but slightly sturdier I reccomend the Ruike P-865

        Ruike 2 (Medium)

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        Chris, general feedback for all participants here;

        There’s a prepper “cottage industry” of those requiring both speed and convenience (under auspices of “Make haste slowly”) . 

        There are writing /marking instruments for one hand operation eg BIC makes a retractable fluorescent yellow marker allowing for one hand to remain with glove on during field situation.  A couple of companies carry pens for all weather writing.

        This prepper cottage industry also focuses on max use , when advantageous,  of lanyards. 

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      I’m female and  over 50.

      I carry very little, in fact nothing in the house, when I pop out it’s just keys, purse, hand sanitiser and a packet of masks. (have to say, I’m surprised there’s only a couple of us with mask and sanitiser)


      When I go out for longer periods and to work, (although like Chris, I’m working remotely at the moment) I have this as well as the above. 


      As well as this I also carry an umbrella and a 5,000mah powerbank and when going to work, a pair of office shoes.

      I am an office administrator and I travel 6 miles by bus to work. I have at some time or another used just about everything above. The water bottle is filled daily, I use an FFP2 mask for the bus journey.

      I’ve sewn up a couple of splits in skirts and sewn buttons back on shirts using the sewing kit.

      Headaches and booboos have been treated with the FAK, I added an eye wash pod after getting a piece of grit in my eye.

      The hot hands and neck warmer will be swapped out for sunglasses and sun cream as the season dictates.

      The spare glasses have saved me endless times and the card gadget has seen some action too.

      There is nothing there I would do without.

      I always have sweets with me. 

      All of the above fits in a little ditty bag I made, so it’s easy enough to swap bags and leave nothing behind.

      I wear walking shoes to work and change into my office shoes so if I have to walk home, it won’t be a painful chore.

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        Neat mini prybar and mini flashlight on the keys along with the credit card tool 🙂

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        Shhh don’t tell anyone but here’s a rolled up tenner in the pill pot.

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        Linnet, I like the note about sweets! I could often be found with some small candy and/or Lara bars in my backpack in the “before times” – definitely helped more than once on the train home on days I forgot to eat lunch!

        I’m also a big fan of having a sewing kit on hand. I have one that fits in an altoids tin – you’ve got me thinking I should add that back in.

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        I wouldn’t be without the sewing kit and the sweets are well worth the room.

        It does show that different professions do need a different EDC. Interesting.

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        Linnot, Real good preps.

        To introduce other forum participants to the mentioned and pictured card gadget : https://everydaycarry.com/best-edc-card-tools-for-wallet.  There are others besides what’s in this link.

        Related to the card gadget are a series of smaller “zipper pull” sizes. 

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      While only a portion of my EDC, this altoids tin has many of those really small stuff that would be impossible to have loose in your pocket, but still are very handy to have on you every day.

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      I’m a male in my 40s, living in the UK. Typically I would carry essentials on my keychain (whistle, torch, Leatherman style CS and paracord) and the rest in my 5.11 rush 12. My FAK has a 4″ Israeli bandage and some compressed gauze, as it takes little to no room or weight and is potentially useful. When I go to the office (not often these days…) I add the 13″ laptop and a charger in the bag, it fits nicely with room to spare.


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        UKSeb, I like the Storm Pad  –  and the adage on bag !

        Another adage: “If you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen”. Anon.

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        Looks pretty well sorted to me Seb, but what about a compass??

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        I actually carry 2 compasses (complete overkill), one in my watch and the other one in my phone (compass app). Should have put the watch in the picture…

        The Stormpad is really good, paper quality is top notch, without the smell that low grade weatherproof paper can have. And from a UK company as a bonus. 

        The folding knife is a TBS Boar EDC, also UK design btw.

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      Female, 20’s. I’m looking to add a Ztylus Car Safety Combined USB Charger/Seatbelt Cutter/Glass Breaker to my EDC repertoire by keeping it in my vehicle and I’ll likely also be upgrading to keep the medical supplies I carry in a waterproof bag that fits inside my purse-I’m thinking of buying one from Booē (unless anyone highly recommends other waterproof pouches).

      What’s Pictured:

      I carry a Celox Dispenser, aminocaproic acid and a tourniquet because I have a genetic disorder that severely inhibits my blood from clotting. My wallet obviously has my license and keys as well as an emergency $50 and I also carry a Medical Emergency ID Card with all my health information tucked in my wallet behind my license. I started carrying an extra mask, hand sanitizer and wet wipes due to the pandemic. I also carry my sunglasses (and sunscreen in the summer) as well as a Higonokami knife. I carry the Higonokami specifically because it’s a slip joint knife with no locking mechanism (the pressure of your thumb over the ‘lever’ locks it and keeps the knife from folding closed during use). Folding knives that lock are illegal in some U.S. states so I prefer the Higonokami since it doesn’t ‘lock’ and I also personally don’t trust that the locking mechanisms on folding knives won’t ever fail and I wouldn’t want to risk one closing on my fingers if the locking mechanism broke due to use or age. I also carry an adaption of the SAS tin described in the ‘SAS Survival Guide’. My ‘tin’ is a clear waterproof diving case that can be submerged. It has a USB rechargeable windproof/waterproof plasma lighter attached to it (which I can charge off my solar charger at home), and two reflective blankets as well as a length of paracord, a safety pin and a Pedialyte electrolyte packet. The tin contains: gauze and cotton balls, stormproof matches, two doses of Tylenol, fishing hook with reflective lure, fishing line, a scalpel blade, three packets of sterile suture with attached needle (one nylon monofilament, one braided polyester and one silk braided).

      What’s Not Pictured:

      Filtration Water Bottle

      A Pen (because who wants to use one that everyone has touched?)

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        Didnt see a flashlight in your consist?  Nice knife BTW I was looking at them myself recently.

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        Actually, I should have included a light source under ‘What’s Not Pictured’. I don’t carry a flashlight, but I do have a small collapsible waterproof solar charging lantern cube that’s 4 inches x 4 inches in my purse as well. It lights up a larger area and has more adjustable light settings than a flashlight – plus no batteries required!

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        Real good.   Was looking for whistle.  Consider a flat type or the bigger Foxx.

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      Mid 20’s male, I work in residential construction in North Georgia. My edc can vary while on the job just depending on what kind of work I’m doing that day but these are the things that are on me most all of the time.

      • Shadow Systems MR920 in a T-Rex Arms Raptor holster 
      • Benchmade 551 Griptilian
      • Streamlight ProTac 2L-X
      • TG tactical pen
      • Wallet 
      • Casio GA100 G Shock

      The pen can be used as a glass breaker/striking tool but honestly I like them because they actually write really well and are one of the few pens that I won’t smash in my pocket when clambering around on a roof/deck/younameit. Highly recommend if you’re someone like me who needs to keep a pen on them but tends to abuse equipment. 

      I also keep a full medkit in my truck, which is with me on all my jobsites. I have everything in there from a boo boo kit to a TQ and Pressure bandages. 

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        Same pen as mine, but branded as Perfecto over here 🙂   agree is a nice writer as well.

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        I like the deep pocket clip on knives like yours. It keeps them from getting snagged on things and is more hidden.

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        In the UK its always good practice to keep our EDC gear away from prying eyes.

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        I think that is true everywhere.

        Especially with carrying a gun. Keep it concealed and don’t open carry. I wish we lived in a society where people could open carry without being targeted, pointed out, and treated differently but we aren’t. Years ago I used to open carry and got sick of people freaking out, telling me that i’m not welcome, and getting kicked out of areas. I wasn’t breaking any laws and wasn’t going into places that said no guns, but just seeing a gun makes many uncomfortable.

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        Your sheeple go hysterical over guns, mine go hysterical over knives….. and guns…….. and tazers…… and batons…… and pepper sprays…………. Dammit OK everything.