Joolca HOTTAP – a very impressive off-grid hot shower solution

I never click on Facebook ads, but today was an exception when I saw this hot shower system that works off propane. 

The product is pretty impressive, 30 day trial, free returns, only $270. Watching the above video, it looks like a quality company who has thought of everything and isn’t just putting out an inferior product to make a quick buck.


I’d like to get one of these as a backup shower system in case my hot water heater goes out or any number of natural disasters that could interrupt my shower time. It isn’t a NEED, but certainly would be a very welcome luxury.

I am not associated with this company and just wanted to share a cool product I saw and thought this community might enjoy.


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      Hi Peter 44, we made a VERY good 12V shower using a 1gpm RV water pump, for a fraction of that cost.  Here’s a post I shared about it: https://theprepared.com/forum/thread/diy-12v-shower/

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        I have had very satisfactory results with a three liter shower bag, costing maybe $15.  Used for two weeks straight….

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        Thank you both for your suggestions and for sharing what works for you. I like how both of your ideas are very economical, but one thing I like about this commercial product is how much hot water this could produce. I like my hot water…

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      I have a couple of submersible DC water heater elements, one of which has a built in thermostat.  To use, you will need a cheap wrench designed to remove the AC heating element currently in your water heater.  Replace with a DC one, hook directly to a solar panel or 12 volt battery, and you are good to go.

      dc element

      Here is a good video explaining how to do it.

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        200w heating is not bad at all. A 100w panel and a battery should be able to keep constant hot water in your system because you aren’t constantly running hot water. And that installation was very easy looking. 

        I wonder if there is any way to convert my gas water heater to work off of this DC heating element.

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        I’m no plumber but I don’t see how that would be possible.  An electric element actually sits in the water… a gas burner is under the tank.

        But these DC elements can also be used on outdoor stock tanks. That is a big plus for folks that have farm animals. 

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        That was my take as well. The guy in the video says to even get an old and free heater that someone is throwing away and give it more life.

        Next time I need to upgrade my hot water heater I will look into an electric model and possibly run it off of solar.