Humble Bundle books for prepping

Hey folks, I wanted to point out a couple of great Humble Bundle deals on prepping books.

  • Survive Everything Bundle: Sorry for the short notice, but there’s only a couple of days left to claim this one. There are a lot of great books here on survival, homestead, and even home distilling. $1 gets you a bunch of books, $18 gets everything.
  • DIY Home and Hobby: This one has a lot of “Dummies” books, which are usually pretty good. It’s not as preparedness-focused as the one above, but it includes books on gardening, survival, and home repairs. The $1 tier gets you books on hobby farming, winemaking, woodworking and “repairing everything,” which is a pretty good deal.

BTW, when you check out, they try to tack on some kind of subscription service. Make sure you don’t get signed up for that by accident.


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      I’ve bought some video games from Humble Bundle before and it’s a great website! Thanks for sharing these prepping books. Never can have too much information.